Two Blogs for the Price of One!! (Value Value Value)

In today’s economy, it’s all about value value value!!  So today’s blog will be “2 for the price of one”!  Ok…I know reading my blog is free, but imagine how much time you’ll save having 2 different subjects discussed in one entry rather than having to come back at a later date to read the second?  🙂  So I give you time effeciency,  VALUE….SAVINGS….DOUBLING OF THE FREE FREE FREE!!  And you can say that Planet Kitty brought it to you! 

Topic #1!! 

I have never really said much about the kitty in my header here at Planet Kitty, and I figured today was the day!  His name is Pannda and he’s close buddies with another kitty named Aslan.  Both cats are special needs.  Aslan moreso than Pannda.  They are about half a year apart and their ages run six and six and half with Aslan being the oldest.  I have had both kitties since they were kittens.  Aslan has been special needs since he came to me as a kitten, in that he’s what I can best describe as developmentally delayed.  His issues include problems with bladder infections and using the litterbox, being developmentally behind other kitties, socially withdrawn and not able to handle much human attention, and spontaneous howling, as in prowling my hall at any given time and yowling his head off basically.  He has come a long ways tho and has made alot of progress.  However, the infections are chronic and part of it is due to stress living in a home with many other pets.  He is on a special diet that helps tremendously, but it was finally recommended to me this spring that he be rehomed in to reduce his stress, resulting in fewer infections.

Pannda is special needs because he’s also had severe bladder problems.  Actually his first infection turned into a major rager where he had to be rushed to the emergency vet to be unblocked, and later to have surgery on his bladder to clean out the crystals that had developed from the infection.  The vet said she was literally scooping out what looked like sand in his bladder.  He is also on the same special diet as Aslan to prevent any future crystal development that could lead to another major blockage.  Pannda also has a bit of an obesity problem, and in a household with multiple cats, it’s hard to manage his special diet without it leading to unwanted weight loss in the other kitties.  But asides from that, it was decided to rehome Pannda WITH Aslan due to the fact that they are so close.  They sleep together and play together, and when Aslan was being put through behavior modification by being seperated from the other kitties, Pannda would lie outside the door of the room Aslan was in. 

Both cats are very shy, and so the transition of being rehomed will be challenging enough without the additional challenge of being seperated.  These two kitties mean alot to me, and I will miss them tremendously, but what’s in the best interests of their own health must come first. 

The cats have been listed for some time with a local rescue group, and we finally have a special person who is very interested in them.  The adoption process will take awhile, but should the interested party turn out to meet all the necessary qualifications, Pannda and Aslan will soon have a great new home where they will be spoiled and loved by someone who will be able to provide fantastically for them and provide a more suitable environment for their needs.  For this, I am really happy!  (Even tho I’ll probably be crying hard when they do go) 😦

Pannda who is full of mischief@

Pannda as a teeny kitten. who knew he'd grow up to tip the scales at almost 19lbs??!!

pannda playing with the green ball he loves!

Aslan who's favorite pastime is sleeping!

one of my few really good pics of Aslan who don't like having his picture taken!

pannda with a close shave/attemptin

pannda with a close cut/attempting to share with Aslan...move over!!

Aslan modeling the latest in santa fashions...i think he was in shock when i put this on and that's why i was able to get this shot! lol

Any potential new owner will thoroughly understand the commitment they need to make to these two kitties; that Pannda loves belly rubs and his green ball, and that Aslan is a unique kitty but that when he shows you affection you will know that it was worth the wait!

Animal Rescue Foundation of the Roaring Fork Valley, in the same county where I live has been awesome in being patient and helping me find the right home for these guys.  They have survived my changes of mind, panic attacks and fears surrounding the rehoming of these guys, and for that I”m truly thankful.  I will keep you updated on their situation!  🙂

Topic #2!

I normally wouldn’t even consider blogging about something like this but the blog I HAVE CAT, by Tamar Arslanian kinda inspires me plus i’m just bursting at the seams over this! LOL  However, I do wanna say that Tamar has been very helpful with giving advice concerning the development of my blog, and it was hers that inspired me to relocate my blog and get really serious about writing.    So’s the news.  Tamar I think I’ve met someone!!  😀  This is no easy feat in my neck of the woods, being a single gal in her 40s, (and no I will not be more specific on that number-you’re lucky to get me to even admit the range i’m located in!)  It’s all bright shiny and new altho he and I have been friends for some time.  However, if you’re local to where I’m located and see me walking down the street with a big stupid grin on my face, you will know why, as everything else in my life this year, being employed, my home, animals, etc., have been completely in limbo what with wanting to sell my house, but not being able due to the market, trying to fight off the possibility of forclosure by finding new employment quickly and a whole bunch of other stuff that has been like MAJOR bad luck-the only way I know how to explain it. 

No I won’t reveal more about him here as he has a right to privacy too, altho maybe…maaayyybee i will share some details as things develop down the line but since this blog is about animals and rescue primarily, I intend to keep it minimal.  Maybe someday I’ll start a seperate blog about being a single,  middle aged, colorado mtn girl however it’s very unlikely!  LOL  sorry. 

Anyways… that your double value blog.  Please keep reading!  I love having you!  🙂

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