What if??

It’s a dream…a dream that has been on my mind for quite some time.  That dream is to start a rescue.  A place  where  animals can go and feel safe until they find the absolutely perfect home for them.  Something along the lines of what Best Friends does, but of course, not nearly as big as Best Friends. 

I’ve known the name for sometime.  It’s “Greta’s Kingdom” after my greyhound Greta.  Her kindness to ALL animals is what inspired the name. 

All sorts of peeps have said I should do this.  I”ve always dreamed and figured eventually someday it would come to this, but what if it’s sooner than later?  Whenever I go looking at property, I can’t help but look at things that not only accomodate my current zoo, but with space that could help others.  I even spoken to other greyhound rescues about doing fostering for them, and like so many of the other communities in our part of the world, animal control is a continuous problem here in western colorado. 

I’ve looked in the big city when I go there-what I call the moderately sized town up the road from me.  Real Estate is cheaper there and it’s amazing what you can get, and since I already will be commuting there for work, it seems like a natural proggression to relocate there.

Granted my house is here, but that was all up in the air for the longest time what with being out of work and wondering if I would loose home sweet home.  It’s still a possibility thanks to all the politics surrounding my place of work-a huge story in and of ittself-but soon i’ll be able to return and hopefully that will right everything JUST in the nick of time.  yowza!!

The place I saw today was a FANTASTIC place…course the pricetag is unrealistic even for this area!!!  I think it’ll be sitting empty for some time.

Here’s a peak at it


Real Estate for Sale, ListingId:14147290, location: 3879 County Road 346 Rifle 81650

Ok what you don’t see here, are all the outbuildings this place has for all the needs of the animals and ALL the space for the doggies to run!!  The house ittself even has what looks like a sunroom which is IDEAL for kitties….

For some stupid, ok maybe not so stupid, I called the realtor that has this listed who even offered to help me get the ball rolling on getting the 501(c)3 and all that, but just how much would a realtor know about that stuff?  I may check into it more with a friend of mine who’s got a law background.  I think she may be more helpful, but just how close is the reality of achieving this kind of dream in this kind of economy and with the price tag this place has on it??

But u still can’t help but wonder…

Real Estate for Sale, ListingId:14147290, location: 3879 County Road 346 Rifle 81650

all those windows are the sunroom…can u say KITTY sunroom???  WHAT POTENTIAL!!

And even tho it’s rural, it’s right off the highway so easy for people to find!!!  easy to get to!!  I LOVE IT!!  Now if only wishing alone would make it sooo…ugh!

Passing it today it does need some work as things have gotten overgrown but ohhh myyy!!!  what potential!! and it’s got lots of water sources too!  a whole ten acres!!!  MAN!!! 

Now the thing is to figure out where to start.  I guess it’s just by asking questions….

Talk about an uphill climb!!!  I see so many others doing their part and I just wanna see if I can’t do more than I do already!!  So tomorrow I will make a phone call and will let u know I find out.  Maybe some magical fairy will come throw some dust on us and we’ll hit some kinda jackpot!  Well if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it doesn’t hurt to ask questions and learn something, so that’s where I’ll start.  Ok magic fairy!! COME FIND ME!! lol

2 thoughts on “What if??

  1. Wow, what a great place – guess you are paying for all that land. Def look into it – how wonderful would it be if you could create GRETALAND! My aunt rescued a GREYHOUND….he’s like a big cat!

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