Terrible Twos (?)

kittens in a basket!

I could SWEAR that the kittens are going through their terrible twos!!  It’s like they’ve managed to learn all the bad habits from the other kitties and have decided to try them ALL this morning!  First thing was Star trying to climb my dried bamboo grass.  UHUH! 

I climb back into bed and shortly thereafter I hear a HERD, yes a HERD i swear, of kittens running across the top of my upper kitchen cubbards almost knocking off various beautiful members of my vintage pitcher collection… GRRRR…

AND NOW…another CRASH BANG!!  Out in the garage.  YIKES!!!  Little gremlins with whiskers.  What has gotten into my sweet precious little girls??? 

So I go out to the kitchen to check on them again!  (I never have the camera with me when I need it) and Glory has managed to crawl 3/4s into an empty Cheerio box with Star chewing on its cardboard!!   Ok..made the mistake of laughing so now these little whiskered gremlins probably think their entertaining. 

cheerios and mess

Even former kitten Bethany is just watching kinda in shock!  Or maybe she’s just observing and learning new things!  Eeck! 

Ahhaaahhh!  But alas!!  The chaos ends……perhaps this is what they were truly desiring afterall!


And so we have peace!  ahhhhh! 🙂




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