A Word On Pet Food…

in previous posts, i spoke about the health issues, especially life threatening where Bethany was concerned, that 3 of my cats had that were amazingly improved after switching to I and Love and You.  (#IandLoveandYou).

with the recent issues concerning Beneful dog food, made by Purina, and the admission of Blue Buffalo, that they had been lying about their ingredients all along, i can’t stress more how important safe and healthy nutrition is for our pets!

Bethers after the worst of the infection had passed and was starting to clear up after change in diet.

Bethany after the worst of the infection had passed and was starting to clear up after change in diet.

i accidentally came upon I and Love and You while at my grocery store, and decided to try it because it was grain free.  my cats have now been on it since fall of 2014.  Sterling’s IBS diarrhea quit, Ashley’s stomatitis has tremendously improved, and the deep pyrodermas, fevers, and overall diagnosis of a compromised immune system for Bethany has completely disappeared.  other improvements: dry fur is a thing of the past along with dry skin.  none of my kitties have any of those “spots” anymore.  their fur feels better overall; much softer.  bad breath has been reduced, and my 16 year old Ashley is amazingly energetic and now a “handful” lol.


we need to emphasize  here, that I and Love and You does not intend for their food to be used for any prescription or medical purposes.  the results that i have had are not usual, and they highly recommend you consult your vet before making any diet changes.

we have also spoken on the phone with I and Love and You..of course, such a wonderful product is made here in Colorado and they also have dog food too!  we highly encourage you to give I and Love and You a try for your cat as well!  it can be found at several different grocery and pet supply chains.  you can find their website here: http://www.iandloveandyou.com/ for more specific information on where their food is carried in your area.  we also encourage you to call I and Love and You as well!  they love talking to customers, especially new ones, and they might even send you a coupon for your first purchase!  They can be reached at 855- ILY- LOVE.  give em a ring!

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