Bethany’s Addiction

hopefully most of you are familiar with our blog mascot Bethany.  if not, this will surely give you more insight to our lovely mascot ….and her secret addiction(s).

it started years ago when i caught Bethany scoping out Luna the Fashion Kitty’s facebook page.  (because we don’t have permission to post one of Luna’s pics, we respectfully omit any pic of her here, but you can click on the link above and view Luna in all her gloriousness)

i didn’t think much about it until one day when i came home to this:


as we all know, the early teen years are crucial to a young girl’s development and confidence, so i made sure not to act shocked or mortified by Bethany’s appearance.

and when she requested her own card and a small monthly allowance, it didn’t phase me at all.   it’s not like she can drive or go hit the mall and the limit i set for her was small; thrifty.

then i came home to this:


at least she had given up on the make up phase!  (i call this her Maria Antoinette phase)

once again, i just chalked it all up to a “kitty trying to find herself”.  that was until i came home one day shortly after to this:


it was apparent that Bethany had a serious problem.  she had become a “shopaholic”. then came the credit card statements and the bills!  Bethany had somehow managed to get her credit limit raised, and i was left holding the repercussions in bills bills bills!   i took drastic action and took away her card, cut it up and threw it away.  i lectured her on the need to learn to control spending; the need to budget and that these days mom couldn’t afford giving her the lavish lifestyle she wanted.

at first it was difficult.  she was put under curfew and watched closely.  any needs, purchases or requests were all funneled thru me.  we discussed how “less is more” and that natural beauty was more appealing than fake. i never wanted to “reign her in” or limit her creativity.  it was just important for her to learn some self control and learn to do with less like the rest of us were.  eventually the lessons sunk in.

Bethany in her butterfly phase

Bethany in her butterfly phase

nowadays, Bethany expresses herself here or there….a simple butterfly costume around halloween….a bit of vamping it up around valentine’s of this year…..



i even indulged her with an occasional photo shoot!  and for xmas….she got her choice of her pic in a lovely pink scarf or pink hat!



she preferred the hat!

oh these young ladies of today.  what a challenge it is to raise them right!

*(this blog entry was in response to a recent post by I Have Cat, who talked about a new app that can be used to add makeup to pics of your kitties.  we found some of the responses to her post to be just plain silly.  it’s an app, not literal application of makeup to her kitties. lol)

**(Bethany was never forced to do anything she didn’t want to do for these pics.  force?  ha if we did anything she disliked, we would be torn to shreds! #diva.  Also, the makeup was done with photoshop, not actually applied to her face)

***lastly, we hope this post made you laugh! 🙂



2 thoughts on “Bethany’s Addiction

  1. Bethany, you look beautiful in your hat and your scarf. I am glad you got your addiction under control 🙂

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