Almost 20 Signs that You’re Cat-centric!

these days, new terms are popping up all over not only the internet but society in general to replace the term “cat lady”  or “cat crazy” and the negative connotations that go with it.  we now have cat enthusiasts and cat guardians, as well as those who call themselves cat-centric.  the new terms also allow for the male cat lover populations to be included rather than remain in the dark! lol  here at Planet Kitty, we use the term cat centric.  here are also almost 20 signs that you may be cat-centric as well!

  1. you can not only hold a lengthy conversation with others about types of cat litter and cat litter boxes, but are completely baffled and irritated that it’s the 21st century and they STILL haven’t come up with a much better, easier, more convenient solution to the standard litterbox!

    modcat box

    modcat box

  2. you not only know who Jackson Galaxy, Luna the Fashion Kitty, Grumpy Cat, and the endless slew of other famous internet cat sensations are, but are completely SHOCKED when others DON’T know who they are!catdaddy
  3. you join in the conversation in the breakroom at work, sharing your cat stories when it suddenly dawns on you that everyone else is talking about their kids not cats.

    cat lady

    cat lady

  4. you can’t fall asleep without your furbabies, on, or around you when u go to bed.sleeping_with_cat
  5. you not only have given up the war on pet hair, you now coordinate your wardrobe to work WITH the pet hair.                  peoplecatdress
  6. you put off or delay chores, etc, because doing so would mean you would have to move the cat or cats from your lap to get up, wake up the cat or cats in order to vacuum, or inconvenience your cat or cats to do dishes, clean, etc.don't disturb!
  7. you have finally achieved the goal where you and your cat or cats schedule are in sync! (Just exactly who is the pet?)
  8. more and more of your wardrobe is cat themed and you can’t ever imagine it without your latest purchase! (shirts, pants, jewelry, shoes it’s all good!) catdress
  9. you turn down a date because you’d rather be home with your cat or cats!
  10. one of the top requirements on the list for a potential significant other is that they are approved of by your cat or cats.                           approved
  11. you’re on vacation, or out of town, even for just one overnight, and you miss you cat or cats, or are instantly homesick for them.
  12. you’re on vacation, out of town, etc, and you worry about the safety/health, etc. of your cat or cats.                                 misskitty
  13. you’re idea of a fantasy date would be going out to dinner with Jackson Galaxy to talk cat, rather than (enter latest famous hot guy’s name here).
  14. there are days, or situations, where you simply CANNOT understand people who are NOT Cat-centric!
  15. there’s more cat furniture and cat toys in your place then there is human furniture, and human toys (and yet you still wonder if kitty or kitties are getting enough stimulation, playtime, etc)                   catshouse
  16. you tried catnip-smoked it, baked it, etc to see if you could get “that high”. (Admit it! YOU DID!)                                          catnipcig
  17. you’re screen saver on your computer (home and work) as well as your tablet and phone are your cat or cats, along with said cell phone case being cat themed. cellphonecase
  18. and last but not least, you read this blog!

7 thoughts on “Almost 20 Signs that You’re Cat-centric!

  1. very funny post, Luanne, glad to see you are blogging again. one more to add to this list, when you are at the grocery store you keep your eyes out for empty boxes that your cat would love…ie: boxes that packaged grapes come in, strawberry boxes work well as well…:)

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