Scared Lit’l Kitty


meet little clementine.  even tho it’s hard to tell in this picture, she is one scared little kitty.  i wish i had taken a picture earlier when the light was out so i didn’t have to use a flash, but with the flash it’s hard to see the actual expression on her face.

i don’t know what was done to clementine prior to arriving here, but it must not have been nice.  she will not allow me to approach her at all and constantly hisses at me and growls.  she appears very scared.  and let me also state here, prior to her arriving her she didn’t even really have a name.  the little one spent a whole year without a proper name!

the mother of the child this little one allegedly belonged to, claims clementine shockingly “changed” around 6 months.  according to the mother, the kitten got her leg broken in a treadmill and was in a cast for two months.  (the cast went on when clementine was about 4 months and came off at about 6 months).    allegedly, when the cast came off, this little girl was no longer a sweet loving kitten that she was when she was younger, and that’s when they began letting her go out, hunt, and pretty much do whatever she wants…so they say.  oh and she hasn’t been spayed either.   grrrrrrr.

it’s apparent this little girl is scared, she managed to get herself into a box on the a shelf up high in the room where she’s isolated, and i tried to very gently bring her down and when i tried to let her sniff my hand, that’s when she responded with her claws.


granted, with as scared as she was, i had no business trying to approach her with my hand!  i am wondering just how long it will take before she will trust me.  poor little girl!

Clementine arrived just two days ago, and tonight i’ve started a chipin for $50 to help us cover the costs we’ve got coming up, not to mention food which is the most urgent we need right now.  Please help if you can!  a little goes a long way!

meanwhile, i will be posting more about clementine in the coming weeks, along with my opinion about adopting animals for little kids!!!   😦

3 thoughts on “Scared Lit’l Kitty

  1. Hey I read the ad for that kitty, poor baby, with no name too!! 😥 well she may not feel like it but she is a lucky kitty to end up with you!!

    Whats with people on CL, I have been talking to a lady all day today about a Chihuahua she had a terrible add for calling it aggressive and all when it just seems like bad doggie parenting. She is saying its rehome or put down. Grrr.

    • craig’s list is becoming a virtual dumping ground for animals that people don’t want!! people that shouldn’t have them in the first place! this lady that i picked this cat up from talked about a cat they had when she was a kid and that’s all the experience she’s really had with them. she nor her hubby had any cat knowledge or had done any research on them to find out about how they work, what makes them tick, etc. it really ticks me off!!! and then people like this go out and get a kitten or puppy for their little kid when they have no knowledge themselves about animals!
      as far as craigslist is concerned, a petition needs to be started that demands they stop allowing people to post animals.
      and as far as dumb people adopting animals, as far as i’m concerned, they should have to take a class on the kind of pet their are adopting and then get a license before they can adopt that kind of pet. seriously!!!!

      • I agree, its sick how people can just stop caring. Oh we havea problem, screw it let’s just get rid of our pet. Throw it on craigslist and lets hope it lands in a good home! Grrr. Disgusting.

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