it never ceases to amaze me how mean my neighbors are.  (and yes this is going to be a venting post so if you don’t wanna listen, or read in this case, then exit here———–>>>>>>>>>>)

i think that i have some of probably the absolute worst neighbors right around me.  two years ago, the grumpy old couple across the street decided to relocate my cat to somewheres unbenownst to me and i never saw her again.  the wife of the couple even had the nerve to lie to may and say that she “saw her earlier that day at noon”.  i didn’t like letting Febe out, but it seemed that she had found her nitch in the neighborhood and stayed fairly close.  in our town, cats are considered free roaming animals and so people are not allowed to trap them or relocate them.  Febe vanished in the middle of the day while i was at work.  i remember the date as it was may 1 and we had had spring/winter weather with a light snow even.

my beautiful febe. gone but never forgotten

my other neighbor almost got the wife to admit to the crime, but the actual words never left her mouth.  i have not been friendly to them since, and even once their dog got out and i contemplated what to do with it as it was dirty and smelled awful!  the poor little girl was in need of a bath and good grooming.  i turned her over to the animal shelter only to them release her back to them with maybe just a warning as far as I know.  i do know she returned the same day.  grrrr!!  (my feelings on the local animal shelter is another post).

i don’t understand what motivates people to be so nasty.  and since then i’m a huge advocate of not letting kitties outside.  we have made them so domesticated, it’s not like it used to be back in the day, and people aren’t capable of the good character they were back in the day either.

these two moldy oldies have tons of money, have the “perfect yard”, go south for the winter, but seem completely miserable.  the man drinks all day and i’m not sure what the wife does as i haven’t seen her in forever.  maybe he killed her and buried her in the back yard?  ok ok that’s an awful thought but it makes you wonder!

then there’s the neighbors right next to me whom i never see ever and yet they are apparently there!  i let bindi my foster dog out for awhile tonight and while she was out a couple walked by with a bloodhound that started baying and she responded, and so i brought her in.  i’m in the backroom working on some things and get a knock on my door which is unusual for this time of night and it’s a dang cop letting me know that the “ladies next store” called about my dog barking.  WTF??  she wasn’t even outside 20 minutes!!!  and the dang big dog is what set it all off!!


what with the dang garnishment of my paycheck for medical bills that i never received proper notice for, trying to make ends meet, the house in forclosure, ALL of this has me doing alot of thinking about moving.

i spoke with a  housing counselor friday and i’m also looking at a new property this next week.  it’s smaller than what i currently have, but i don’t have a neighbor next store, per say and it’s in a town that’s not quite so antiquated when it comes to animals.

it would be a tight fit, that’s for sure, loosing 25o square feet, and all, but there’s a large storage unit that could be converted into housing for the cats, and altho there’s less yard, the smaller yard means less work for me and it’s not in a stupid HOA where if you have a weed in your yard, people complain.

there’s no doubt it needs alot of work too, but the great thing is i happen to have a posse of single ladies for friends who would probably help out.  phew!  so in the next few weeks i’ll be making a very hard decision.

sometimes you have to let go of an old dream to find a new one.  at one time this home was mine.  maybe it’s not anymore.


1 thought on “Neighbors

  1. Homie I’m so sorry you have messed up neighbors. I have had those too and they are a horrible curse. I hope everything works out for you, if there is anything you need or that I can do please let me know.

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