We <3 Moose!

it was just an average morning of me at home sick with a sinus infection, trying to ignore my pounding head by doing something on the computer when along came da Moose!

he was in extra rare form and determined to entertain!

i really don’t know what was up with him.  perhaps it was just his way of trying to keep my mind off of my pounding head!

and perty much nothin’ was gonna get him to move……..

i would try to redirect his attention….

but he wasn’t having any of that!

stretch to the left…

stretch to the right…or something like that!

ahhh…isn’t he cute?

you gotsa admit it does make you smile!

Moose <3!

the adoption application has been turned in for Moose, and everything looks good at this point.  i will probably be taking him to his perspective new home end of next week on my day off.  i hope to take my camera with me and document the introductions, etc.  i promise to post!  i dunno about you but this guy will be taking a little piece of my ❤ with him!

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