Trials and Tribulations…

we’ll begin with my pitbull Kelly Jo.  for some time now, Kelly has been having some kind of issue with the edges of her ears.  she saw a vet last summer for it, and they took a skin sample, but found no symptom of mange.  the vet suggested i try massaging the ears to see if it was a circulation problem and even using some lotion and antibiotic ointment.  those didn’t work.  nor did the antifungal and antibacterial ointments i tried.  so off we went for a second opinion from Dr. Smith.

one of Kelly's ears

within a matter of minutes, Dr. Smith had diagnosed Kelly’s ears as an immunity disease which is brought about by her body temp being one degree lower or so than what is normal for a dog.  he said that this immunity does not imply that she’ll have other immunity problems later in life, and has prescribed a very light, low dose of steroids for her to see if that will relieve some of the iritation for her.

next it was Merry.  poor Merry has it quite difficult these days and it really frustrates me.  about 5 or so different cats here, have a tendency to pick on her.  i don’t know why or why they started.  it does seem that she is a naturally higher strunger kitty than others, but some days it’s too much to watch the constant picking on her.  afterall, she’s my baby, and is special as the kitty who brought me so much hope christmas of 2010 when i was so blue.

Merry as a kitten with Kelly Jo. generally speaking, she seems to prefer the company of dogs these days to most of the kitties.

i had recently seen where others had had the same problem with kitties, and had had their scent glands relieved and that had helped.  Merry had also developed a mild eye infection in one eye due to her recent interactions with a couple of the kitties here, so i wanted that looked at as well.

Merry’s scent glands weren’t even full, but the vet did give her some drops for her eye, noting inflamation and some eye goop.  in order to attempt to reduce future stress and negative interactions with some of the kitties, the garage is heated here, and it will be set up to house half or more of the younger crowd in order to give Merry a lower, less stress environment and a break from those who antagonize her so!  i think it will also do the four older kitties, including Eli, to have daily periodic breaks from the younger ones as well.

the garage is going to be set up with all sorts of kitty furniture and toys for climbing and playing and generally enjoying themselves!  once it is complete, a blog post will follow featuring the final result!

the most serious of today’s vet visits, was foster dog Pixie, the little american eskimo pup rescued from craigslist.  turns out that little Pixie not only has a case of both vaginitis and cystitis, but may have a kidney stone as well.  the initial xray, of course, didn’t give us any final conclusions, but the vet placed Pixie on antibiotics for the infection and wants her to return in a few weeks to double check the possible kidney stone.  lord!  only 3 years old or so and to already have what could potentially be a serious problem.

little miss Pixie.

recently i had noticed an odor about her and that she was licking herself alot.  altho i hadn’t really noticed a huge increase in urination, she did have a tendency to “dribble” alot when i did take her out, and i knew i needed to get her to the vet, never even thinking that it could be something of a more serious nature!  poor thing!

i know how uncomfortable it is to have a bladder infection and how uncomfortable it can be!  you would have never of guessed with miss Pixie!  it always seemed pretty much her normal routine, except for the odor.

we will keep tabs on this possible kidney stone, with follow up in a few weeks.  and all of this to have developed just when it looked like she might have a home too!

it never ceases to amaze me how i somehow always manage to wind up with animals that turn out to have special needs or the discovery of something serious with their health that was unknown previously!  just darn glad she’s hear and that we can help her!

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