Eighteen Cats

every day the list comes out: an urgent posting by Pets on Death Row to help rescue the lives of the cats slated for euthanasia the next morning at the NYC Animal Control and Care. a listing also comes out for the dogs as well on the Urgent Part 2’s facebook page.  whether cat or dog, you can literally smell the animal’s fear thru the picture.  it’s haunting, and yet what gets me the most, is that those at the helm of the NYC animal control continue the killing continue day after day; pretty much 24/7/365.  A day might pass where there are no euthanizations, but that only makes the list for the next day that much longer.

a listing from the Urgent Part 2 FB page: this dog is slated for euthanasia in a matter of hours.

reports are numerous of animals sitting in their own waste for days.  staff and volunteers banging cages and yelling at the animals.  cats being left in humane traps without food and water, both cats and dogs in severe health conditions receiving no medical treatment much less even pain medication.  cages never being cleaned and food commingling with stools and urine.

another dog slated for euthanasia with only hours left for a last minute "reprieve"

just about anyone who’s on facebook these days and is involved with animal rescue is aware of the predictament of the NYC animal care and control.  many of us participate in the crossposting of the pictures, and Greta’s Kingdom has even stepped in to help partake in saving a few when we can.  (as a rescue, Greta’s Kingdom doesn’t draw a line when it comes to helping an animal regardless of where it’s location may be.  if we can help, we do).  for many of us animal lovers, the silent screams of those pictured are heart rendering to say the least; reaching those of us even at such far distances as colorado, california, and other parts of not only the usa, but even canada and britain.

a victim of an accident, this kitty has been pulled, is safe, and now is receiving critical medical attention all thanks to those who keep the daily listings of those slated for euthanasia at the NYC animal control. the list is leaked out by staff/volunteers who risk being discovered but who if they didn't, many more animals lives would be lost

a sweet kitty who, defeated, is curled up in it's litterbox. cats do this so as to be surrounded by their own scent which makes them feel more secure in times of great stress

it is utterly shocking that the few people in charge, manage to continue with the NYC animal killing machine despite the protests of the majority for it to stop.  granted the killing of animals is not isolated to just NYC. mass euthanasia occurs on a daily basis in other shelters thru out the united states, of note in many areas of the southern states, and the miami/dade county area of florida as well, but the contradiction of the mass euthanasia by the NYC animal care and control is a strong juxaposition to image of NYC ittself, and i believe that this is why it brings out such strong feelings by so many of us throughout this and other areas of the world.

a kitty on death row from a few days ago who's final fate is still unknown. the fear in its eyes, unforgettable.

still alive at this hour but for how much longer is yet to be determined

a beautiful dog from the Urgent Pets 2 album "gone but not forgotten" this dog is no longer alive

another beautiful dog that's been euthanized. based on examination of the albums on Urgent Part 2's facebook page, a vast majority of the dogs euthanized by the NYC animal control are pitbulls or pitbull mixes.

new york city: the big apple.  the place where art, broadway, and some of the best schools in our nation reign supreme.  home to so much culture and a certain lifestyle that so many desire to achieve and never can.  granted yes it can be a dirty city with much crime, but as a whole, NYC is viewed by so many as one of the most desireable places to be and to live, and yet such crass, vulgar and horrific slaughter continues to occur in a city that claims to be so much more.  not to mention a city that in the past had such a reputation for “truly loving their pets”.  maybe that is why it is such a shock.  we have always expected more from the big apple, and yet it continues to fail miserably when it comes to moving into the 21st century where animal rescue, sanctuary and reabilitation are concerned.

Poe. a female forced to endure a late term abortion of her kittens and who is tonight slated for euthanasia first thing in the NYC am

so what is the purpose of this post?  maybe it will help make the fire a little bit bigger under those in NYC to voice their outrage and to help stop the constant slaughter machine of the NYC animal control.  maybe it will just make those voice a little bit louder so that something will finally be done and an end to the killings will occur.  if the images impact me way out here in colorado, they surely should have that much more impact on those who live in NYC.  it’s not about pointing the finger at who’s to blame.  as far as i’m concerned, as long as the killing continues, we’re all to blame, regardless of where we live.

just one final note that i have to share.  in comparing what these animals go thru to that of a death row inmate consider this.  more rights are given to a person found guilty and who is put to death by lethal injection, that the animals on the euthanasia list that was posted tonight.  these dogs and cats only crime is in existing, whereas, the person on death row has been found guilty of a horrendous murder of some sort, and yet that person is providing not only with a clean cell everyday, but the opportunity to shower, to enjoy eneterainment via tv and even allowed to read.  to sleep on a mattress with blankets and a sheet, and most certainly not left o stew in their own urine and stools.  not to even mention the right to have whatever they want for their last meal.  and as i ponder this i wonder, did some of these animals on tonights list….were they even given a last meal?

just a thought.

if you would like to help in any way you can, the facebook page for Pets on Death Row can be found here:


and the page for Urgent Part 2, can be found here:


various chipins are posted to help those animals that have been pulled and need help getting healthy, as well as information on how you can make a difference by adopting/fostering a cat or dog on the euthanasia lists.

you can make a difference regardless of where you are located.  as evidence i give you:

Paige. a sweet kitty that Greta's Kingdom helped get pulled from the NYC animal control death machine. Paige suffered a tooth injury which is thought to have been incurred while in the custody of NYC animal care and control. she is now happy and healthy in the foster home of Dina Calarco, who was instrumental in getting her and Max the kitty below pulled, waiting permanent adoption.

Max. a 14 year old kitty on death row who was pulled via the help rescue volunteer, Dina Calarco and Greta's Kingdom. Max was fostered by Tamar Arslanian of I HAVE CAT. Tamar helped Max regain maximum health and also found him a permanent forever, loving home

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