Gotsa Love Those Little Faces!

other than a minor kink with having to change foster homes, the browns are doing fabulous with their new foster mom charly and crew!  one has even already left the building! (adopted)  here are some much better pics of them!

we have, or i should say charly has, figured out the sex of each and there are 3 girls and one boy.

Lola (adopted)

there's a great big world out there huh Lola?

ohhhh the scratchi' feels soooo good!


little escape artist

busted darnit!


on the day i met them, Phoenix was very mellow and let  his sisters have the limelight.  course, i think his good looks speak for themselves!

Phoenix with Lola

abby girl

those ears!

looks that make you go "awwwwww!"

a bushel or a peck of kitties? who knows?

patiently waiting...

apparently being instantly famous and a tv star is hard work...or at least it was for Phoenix!

not to mention alot of patience, at least, as far as Lola was concerned....

can we go yet?

Just one more shot kids!

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