Eternal Puppydom!

up for adoption, the little girl in black with white sox!

we gave her the name Roxi, and this little aussie mix has been thru heck!  she came from a rescue that was anything BUT a rescue.  majorly underweight and with a severe case of kennel cough, this little girl took a good 6 months to get well!  we fell in love with her instantly!

oh that sun is bright!!

a little girl's very best friend!

100% family dog!

isn’t she adorable??  i even took her into my bank to see how she’d do with the folks in there, after picking her up from the previous good samaritan that took her in and got her back to good health, and she ran around, greeting everyone then plopped down and went to sleep!  this dog just LOVES people!!  amazing after all then neglect she survived at the hands of humans!  she also LOVES to give kisses!!  ok i’m gonn have to quit looking at her pictures or I’M going to adopt her!! lol

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