Meet the Browns!!

formerly known as those kittens that were in the trash can, this little batch of 4 kittens is safely in a foster home tonight!!! YEAH!  it has been quite an ordeal to keep those that had them talking to us and getting it coordinated into our hands!  phew!

in honor of their current foster family, they are being named after them.  we still haven’t determined the sex of each one, and are working on donations to get them into a vet soon! 

their foster mom tells us they look healthy and were just hungry when she got them home wednesday.  phew!  let’s hope that that is our biggest worry with them

right now, they’re pretty scared, and need some socializing.  our family is working on that round the clock!!

their foster mama has already been charmed by one of them.  so could one of them may have a future permanent home with the foster family, but time will tell for sure with that!!

aren’t they cute?!!!  i hope to get down there soon and take more pictures of them and also meet them face to face!  if you want to help out, as donations are needed SEVERELY!!!  you can go to

stay tuned for more rescues over at Greta’s !!

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