Truly Brave

as some of you might have noted, while in the process of moving from the old place to the new, I came across a little kitten, eyes tight shut from infection, stumbling about, crying for it’s mama on the side of the mountain out back of the trailers at the old park I was in.  being me, i couldn’t help but find it and see what was going on.

i named her Truly Brave.  she’s a very tin little thing.  over the past few weeks, we got the eye infection all cleared up and her healed along with her first bout of deworming.

Truly Brave

Truly Brave

yesterday, i came home from work with another episode of fibromyalgia going.  i crawled into bed shortly after hitting the front door and passed out.  a bit later, i woke up to a dark room, and in attempts to get to the bathroom and turn the light on, a kitty got underfoot/stepped on.

to my horror, and i mean horror, it was little Truly.  she was very obviously dazed and not functioning her normal self.  a few minutes later, stool started shooting out the back of her uncontrollably and she curled up in what i call the turkey position on the floor.  shortly after some more stool, some blood and urine followed.

in a panic i grabbed my phone and started calling vets.  course none were open.  none took ER calls, and all referred me to the ghastly expensive ER clinic up valley.

the knew me.  knew that i had recently been thru bankruptcy. knew my financial situation.  said they would see her anyways.  i cried the entire trip.

i am not the one who causes animals pain.  i’m the one who’s supposed to relieve it and here not only had a caused Truly pain, but potentially a serious injury.  it killed me, and still does.

the gave an initial evaluation, said i could take her home and observe her or leave her there for obervation. well if she got worse, I didn’t have the gas money to get her back up, so elected to leave her.

the did some xrays.  say everything as far as bones internally and her lungs ect, look fine, but for a feisty very playful kitten, she still doesn’t sound like her normal self, and i feel that the way her stools shot out of her, i’m worried that there’s something further wrong with her, but they aren’t willing to do any further diagnostics.  i can come get her, pay the $200 and take her, but need to obviously take her to another vet.

i need help.  that’s the reason for the caring fundraiser.  please help.  i have also tried contacting an animal rescue in the area that i trust to see if they will let me surrender her to them, but no one has responded.  meanwhile, Truly continues to just sit in limbo.  Please please help!

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