For The Record

All the animals we have rescued to date

i created a collage of the cats and dogs we have rescued or help rescue to date.  it’s pretty amazing to see!

we are getting ready to move to a new location and also still have Moose’s vet bill to finish paying off.   hence, we are holding a sale on yardsellr to benefit Greta’s Kingdom; us.

if you believe in what we are doing and support our mission to continue rescuing, please take a look at our sale and maybe buy something.  if you can purchase something, then please share the sale with someone who else may be interested, crosspost, and share. thank you!

2 thoughts on “For The Record

    • ty! i am proud but am concerned about all the other animals i won’t be helping because i will be taking a break from fostering for awhile at least. just have to focus on what’s best for Moose right now, and am hoping that the change to our new home will help!!

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