Moose Needs Help!

if you follow Planet Kitty at all you are most assuredly familiar with Moose.  his personality has a tendency to reach out from the computer screen and grab you.

initially the intention was to find him a permanent home for Moose, but it had to be a very special one.  his ability to love anyone was tremendously obvious and he was given the nickname “dr love” at one of the vets offices even.  (one the few cats that actually purred while they were checking his ears and digging in them for ear mites).  earlier this last winter, a good longtime friend of mine expressed interest in adopting him and a home visit with Moose was attempted but the wife put an end to any possibilities of Moose moving in due to concerns over her and their children’s allergies; granted understandably so.  it was then decided that instead of trying to rehome Moose, he would be used as an ambassador to educate people about the wonderfulness of cats and also to be the mascot for Greta’s Kingdom.   everyone who came into contact with Moose just loved him, and he also did a wonderful job of keeping me entertained at home especially when I was trying to get work done!

Moose “entertaining” me while i was home sick with a sinus infection

and when he wasn’t busy loving on me or “entertaining” me, he’s usually busy cuddling up with his two girl friends, sisters Charlotte and Emily.

Moose giving Charlotte a bath

About a month ago, Moose was constantly licking his genitals and bearring down just about anywhere with nothing coming out.  it was morning and i rushed him over to the vet.  he was diagnosed with a bad bladder infection and sent home after pain meds, fluids, and shots for long acting antibiotic and anti-inflammatory.   he was doing just fine until this friday night when he hopped up on my printer and squirted the wall.  not sure what was going on, i cleaned up after him and chalked it up to “kitty behaving badly” while lecturing him during the process.  the reason behind his bad behavior woke me up at about 1:30 in the morning when i found him crying and not moving. i tried not to panic,  grabbed the big boy,  put him in a crate and drove like a mad woman up to the ER clinic about 60 miles away.  i had to keep my emotions from getting the better of me and not cry because it was imperative to get him to the vet safely!  it was a very long 60 miles with Moose crying the entire way.

if you’ve never been exposed to a cat in tremendous pain, it is utterly heart wrenching and even worse when you feel completely helpless and are thoroughly unable to provide any comfort.  my only thoughts were to get him to ER as quickly as possible!

at the ER, it was quickly determined that Moose’s urinary tract was partially blocked and that they would need to catheter him in order to clear out the blockage.  once again, Moose was given pain meds as well as fluids and sent home.  they said his urine sample showed crystals but no signs of infection.  we climbed back in the car and headed home:  Moose “happy” on pain meds.  We arrived home around 4:30am and i completely crashed, only to be awakened again at 10am with Moose bellowing in pain, at my feet.  off again we went to the vet!

the first vet determined that he was blocked but that they had no one to monitor him thru the weekend: lovely!  i called the other local vet who could help him rather than making a 60 mile treck back the the ER clinic.  the second vet evaluated him and verified that yes he was indeed blocked and they admitted him for care.  phew!  as of today, he’s still there.  Dr Green, the vet caring for Moose, said that most likely being cathetered at the ER set up Moose for an infection and that was the reason for the reblocking.  he explained that this is quite common, and was surprised that the clinic didn’t go ahead and put him on antibiotics in order to deter what was now happening.  he picked Moose up in his arms, and moved him into the back of the clinic and started working on him while his receptionist calmed me down and said they would contact me come monday.

the weekend has been a quiet one without Moose here, and i’m waiting in anticipation for what they will say come monday.  i have two other cats who are a special diet for bladder issues and after a short discussion with Dr Green on saturday, Moose will be moved over to it as well once he’s home.

while my previous concern was entirely focused on getting Moose help, I am now going to be faced with his mounting vet bills.  not an easy challenge for a small rescue where money’s tight to begin with.  Moose’s bill from the ER was $325 and i still has of yet to find out what the bill will be for getting him well at the local vets.  and so, i am asking for help.  help help help!!

what with me having to file personal bankruptcy this month and  dealing with an illegal garnishment of my wages, it’s been all we could do to keep everyone fed and in basic good health.  adoptions have been slow as well.  if you can, please help!!  thank you!

4 thoughts on “Moose Needs Help!

  1. I hope with all my heart Moose feels better soon. I wish I could help you financially-I too am in bankruptcy-I shelter rabbits-lots of them and know the struggles and pressure you are under-chin up, it gets better and the babies love you for it-breathe :O)

    Let us know as soon as you are able how “Mr Moose” is doing and how you are doing too.

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