a rare sighting

his name is Aslan.  Azzy for short, and if you come to my house, chances are you will never see him.  unless your my friend mary.  for some reason he’s comfortable with her presence, but no  one else’s but me. 

he’s not like other kitties.  he has his own way of doing things. 

his way is odd to others, including other kitties.  but he’s so unique, you can’t help but love Azzy!

he doesn’t play like other kitties…well not ruff like other kitties can get, and he’s very timid in almost everything he does.  developmentally, he didn’t catch up to 6 month old kittens until he was about 3 or so years old. 

whether he was the result of inbreeding or the runt, he was different from the start.  extremely anxious, easily stressed, and with chronic bladder infections, Azzy overcame many of his challenges. 

he’s now 7, more cofident, and settled in his ways.

however, it is still a challenge for him to feel comfortable enough and secure enough to play, so these photos are  a rarity.  isn’t he a handsome boy tho?  he’s also kind pidgeon toed so he has a cute walk! lol

ya just can’t help but love azzy wazzy woo!  (my nickname for him)

2 thoughts on “a rare sighting

  1. I know how you feel about Azzy. My Tzunami was mangey, cross-eyed, temperamental, picky eater, poop and peed everywhere etc etc. But when he died I don’t just cried but actually wailed like a baby. It is so hard when we love something. After a while, looks and behaviour don’t matter.

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