Days Packing and Nights Crying

i love these pics of Aslan playing with Pannda watching intently in the background

Pannda has always been good about keeping an eye on Azzy, playing with him, but never too crazy, if anything, Azzy gets pretty crazy and Pannda tolerates it with patience

gotcha! (one of my fave pics of him)


..i know there will be another house in my future and i know there’ll be other black kitties in my future, but they won’t be Pannda, Aslan, and Murphy.  it absolutely breaks my heart, that not only do i have to give them up, but that they are all black kitties as well, which are the most numerous without homes, and i feel like here i am just adding ot the overall problems.  but what am i to do?  Pannda and Aslan will absolutely freak moving into a small trailer with the rest of us, and it would most likely lead to more serious health problems for both of them in the way of bladder infections and more weight gain for Pannda.  (he currently weighs about 19 lbs and one of the reasons for recommended re-homing is wait loss)

silly Aslan having fun!

watching Aslan these days, and in these pictures, i see how far he’s come, and i worry that being rehomed will set him back immensely and it’s the reason why i’m adimmant that the boys go together.  he needs Pannda at the very least if he’s not stay with me.  Pannda has always been there for him, even tho these guys aren’t blood related, something happend when i brought Pannda home as a wee lad.  Aslan was about 6 months at the tume and these 2 guys really really bonded.  in later days when Aslan went thru behavior modification and had to be limited to one room in the house, Pannda was right outside the door and only left for food and to relieve himself.  observing this bond really was quite miraculous. 

as the days passed, the two also became close to my older cat Eli, and eventually i would refer to the 3 of them as the 3 amigos-if u know anything about broncos football, you will know where the reference comes from.  even in all her diva-ness, Azzy could go to Ashley for comfort and a bath.  something Pannda was never able to do, mostly because he pestered, and still does to this day, her royalty.  now older, it is much more rare to see Aslan and Pannda cuddle and sleeping together, but just when u think they’ve grown apart, they do something to remind you that they are close as ever.  maybe their lack of “cuddlenes” has something more to do with age and maturity than it does their bond.  Aslan is 4 months into his 7 year, and Pannda is not far behind in his birthday either (May). 

boys night on the bed with Sherlock joining us to observe Azzy playing. this is a rarity as Sherlock and Pannda are both alpha boys, and Sherlock also has occasional conflicts with Eli

Murphy i know, is very resilient and will do very well as she will quickly adjust once she gets into her new home.  she’s a tuff little kitty, and has such a big heart.  but it gets to me when she crawls on top of me to cuddle and get her favorite pets and scratches.  she is such a lovely kitty, but i know that being moved into a smaller living quarters will only stress her out to where she will pick on Ashley more, and will even pick on Merry of which I’ve already seen some.  Being that Ashley is 12 and was here first, not to mention being much older, this isn’t fair to her, nore would the change be fair to Murphy and so she must also be rehomed. 

a bit of a diva herself, the "Lady Marie" loves to sit up high and observe all her "subjects" below her

it still breaks your heart, when u have to look into the beautiful gold eyes, and know that your time is limited.  and the adoption fair was so hard on them all, i hate to think what the actual day will be like when i have to transport them to their new homes. 

the "Lady" sitting so pretty

stunning girl

and so i continue packing as the clock ticks and the hour glass of time continues to slowly run out, and with it my heart breaks just a little more each day at what will soon come…my babies.  i will miss you so!  =(

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