Bethany (or even MORE reasons why to get your kitty spayed or neutered!)

baby bethany

She was such a tiny little thing!  And I was amazed when they told me there was a brother to her who was even smaller and the “runt’ of the litter.  Being so small and being a true albino that could never be in direct sunlight, I also wondered if she might have other problems such as a stunted reproductive system where she would never be able to have kittens and so getting her spayed wouldn’t be necessary.  Time would only tell and boy howdy did time tell when it came! 

bethany in heat

Bethany went into heat about a month ago.  It came on slowly at first and was actually very mellow.  I had no idea that that’s what was going on until the second time she went into heat and was attempting to “seduce” one of the pups! lol  Pretty soon it became very very evident and she was driving ALL of us nutz with one of her two moods.  She was either in heat, howling all the time (day and night, night and day), rubbing against other kitties and either confusing them or irriating them, not to mention the dogs, or was being a complete and total bish and hissing howling and batting at us!!! It was to the point that if u even looked at her, I sware, she was growling at u!!  It was a nightmare, if not highly irritating to the nerves, to say the least.  I really don’t know how people can stand NOT to get their pets altered!  UGH!!

I couldn’t wait to get her fixed, but unfortunately there was a line at my local vet and so I would just have to be patient until my turn for Bethany would come. 

bethany sleeping sooo sweet!!

Meanwhile, I missed my sweet little one who was my best friend, loved to cuddle, be petted, and at times wanted me to hold her…yes a kitty who loved to be held and the center of attention!!  But horror-and I do mean HORROR-mones had kicked in and had turned my sweet little girl and life for all of us here at Planet Kitty into a chaotic nightmare having to put up either with Miss Bethany’s terrible mood swings, or the terrible howling, NIGHT AND DAY!!  UGGGHH!!!

AHhh but finally the time came for Miss Bethany’s appt with our vet to have that  “EVIL” removed! lol  I am SOO GLAD!!! SHe is home tonight after her surgery earlier today.  Is a little confused, a little sore, but mostly QUIET as she recovers from being spayed.  Ahhhhh we can relax!!  Occassionally she will call out and I”ll call her name to reassure her that she’s home, but for the rest of us…OHHH THE WONDERFUL SILENCE!!!  :o)  

I go and check on her too because she was still feeling the after affects of the anethesia when I brought her home and so i just want to make sure she’s ok.  She did do some crying in the car but that’s to be expected with being drowsy confused and scared, and probably not feeling fully up to par either, I’m sure. 

Taking her to the vet this morning was a real trip too, I must say, the girl cussed me a blue streak all the way there!  For a very small kitty, Miss Bethany sure does a WONDERFUL interpretation of a siren!  Yeeeeesh!!!

bethany cuddling with Sherlock

But tonight I hear a collective sigh of relief passing the lips of all of us here at Planet Kitty.  No more radical mood swings!  No more white kitty to avoid!! No more wondering if she’s in heat or going to want to claw one of “our” eyes out!!  and most of all  no more NONSTOP HOWLING!!!!    phew!! 
Instead, the sweet little kitty is returning!  She’s letting me pet her and she’s QUIET!! AFFECTIONATE!!   YEAAHHHH!!!
Not to mention the fac that if she is ever successful at sneaking out the front door without me catching her, I don’t have to worry about her getting knocked up and then having to find homes for little kittens.  PHEW!!!
And on a last note, I know that they say that kitties aren’t in pain when they are in heat, but I can’t help but wonder if there’s isn’t some sort of major sexual frustration going on there during the heat processs.  I would think that that would be painful in it’s way and kind of consider it to be cruel to leave a female kitty in that state, but maybe that’s just me.  I dunno.  Either way, I am here to FULLY ENDORSE spaying and neutering our cats and kitties, and soon the 2 foster kittens I have will be taking their turn at being “fixed” as well so that their adopters will not only not have to worry about it themselves, but also there will be no possibility of them contributing to the cat overpopulations of our communities!!! WE HAVE SOOO MANY UNWANTED THAT NEEDS HOMES MYYY GOSH!!!
So on a last note, WELCOME HOME BABY BETHANY!!!  (Who is now all grown up but will still always be my baby lol)

pretty bethie!

And do u hear that???  It’s called SILENCE!!!   :o)  Shhh………!!!


3 thoughts on “Bethany (or even MORE reasons why to get your kitty spayed or neutered!)

  1. I like this website and the blog. May they both continue to grow!!! I will upload some ‘fan photos’ soon…i have 11 cats and lots of pictures of them. I have also suggested this to all my cat loving friends. Onward and upward Planet Kitty!!!!

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