One Hot Tuesday…

IT was HOT!  And we all laid down for a  nice little nap…or so I thought.  I woke up and decided to check what everyone was up to….here’s the evidence…

sleeping glory


…so some were sleeping….

shyler sleeping

and some were up to other shananigans…for instance Pannda who snuck up on me while I was taking pics….

here i am!

…and demanded some attention (men) lol….

oh that's the spot!!

and then became a camera hog!

hey u....


yeah u!!

check out my fiiiinnnneeeeeeee whiskers!!

apparently his fine whiskers...and? and my amazing profile..... quit hogging the camera pannda! no wait!!!pannda workin' the camera....

have you ever seen a finer specimen of male cattitude?  have u?? 

ahem…ok moving on….some kitties were taking a bath…like Murphy..


do you mind??



sheesh…sorry….didn’t realize it was such a big deal!  yeesh!  so moving on…..ahh what do we have here?? 


whatya up to sherlock??

what?  ..nothing going on here!  seeeee??  move along move along!!!

 yeahhh…can u see that little halo slippin’ off his head??

apparently one of the hot spots is the laundry pile!

just looking for a good spot!


ahhh the sleeping wee babe.....hush

ohhh gooo awayyyy!!!

sorry honey!!! i’m gone!!!

meanwhile back in the living room on a thick soft carpet….

sleeping bethany


ohhhh….waking up……ugh……

fluffin' up the bed...

quick bath....anything I do is picture worthy mom!

ok if u say so Bethany….

see i even wake up sweet and pretty!! what's that noise?

hey what’s that noise??

that’s what i just said mom!

so we move back into the bathroom………what’s goin on in here??




whoa!!! this is some smoking 'nip!!

I KNEW you guys were up to something??!!

hey what's going on???

whoa! that's some strong stuff! makin' my eyes burn!!

Naptime? HA!  Oh how the animals will play!! and even on a hot hot day!  caughtya!!

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