The Moose

Moose is like a bull in a china shop.  if he’s headed your way, something is bound to get knocked over, sent flying. possibly even ruined.

notice the schmutz on his nose? not Moose...i removed it for him.

..and i swear he's flipping me off here for mocking him about the schmutz lol!

nothing Moose does is small.  everything he does is big….annnnd clumsy.   the same is true of his ability to love.  abandonment what’s that?  you would have thought that this kid’s start in life was heaven sent.  not so…but that doesn’t stop him from loving u, and when he does it’s BIG!  Moose’s motto in life?  “who loves you baby?  ME!!” (in a Barry White voice).

altho the obvious is he's taking a bath, i couldn't help wonder if this was a silly impression by Moose of the gun toting character on the screen.

most of the time, like 99%, you don’t even know what’s hitting you until after the impact on your arm, lap, head, face, shoulder- until a few seconds after it happens.  by that time, Moose is lavishing you in kitty drool, kisses, headbumps, and rubs. yes.  i did say drool and for a kitty it’s LOTS!  it’s on your hands…your face.  oh the kitty kisses.  MOOSE kisses.  big. wet. slobbery.  well for a cat they are! and don’t forget the fine layer of kitty hair left on you from his contact!  in  your mouth, on your face…everywhere!

one of my favorite things about Moose. his nose and the colors in his face.

armpit: check!

and it never fails.  his need for affection morphs into a need for play/bug you, whichever you prefer to call it.

here! let me help you!

let's see what happens when i hit THAT key!

as confuscious say “one must have great patience when faced with the Moose”.  ok well maybe confuscious don’t say that but still…you get the picture.

what does this button do?

MOOOOSE!!!    …sigh

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