Movin’ On =)

chasin' bugs

And so the story goes. Star and Glory my little fosters went off to their new permanent home today. I am sooooo thrilled for them! Their new owner already has one kitty of 20 years, and is a religiously dedicated cat lover who runs a petsitting business. I am soo glad for them to have such an awesome home! Especially with where I found them; dumped in a Wal-mart parking lot!!
I guess this home was meant to be. The first party interested in the girls never followed through, so I’m very glad for them to have gotten the home they now reside in. They will never have to worry about food, or anything ever again! Such a comfort to me and such a relief!
Over the past couple of weeks, little Glory was definitely not her normal self and even gave me a bit of a scare with loosing weight and being extremely lethargic. After a visit to the vet again last friday, it was determined that not only did she have a really high fever, but that it quite possibly could be a URI going on. The vets gave her sub-q fluids and then put her on clavamox and by this sunday she was back to her old self again. yeah!
I will miss their sweet little faces and antics, but am even moreso that they have found such a wonderful permanent home. All the best little girls!!  You will always remain in a corner of my heart!

with their brother Lucky Louie who found a home early on



star nappin' in the laundry pile


sisters forever!!




sneakin' a cuddle with grumpy Pannda

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