Teddy B. Remember Me?

so it’s been quite some time since any news has been given on Teddy.  you remember Teddy don’t you?  well he decided he was my dog Shyler’s cat, and with no one applying for adoption, i decided to let his decision stand.  (i didn’t have the heart to seperate the two!)

well the little guy has grown quite a bit!  take a look!

there is something very peaceful and serene about Teddy.  when i look at him, i can’t help but think of Budhha and/or the serenity prayer.  he has virtually no enemies here.  gets along with all dogs and cats, and is never the center of any drama.  perhaps there’s an old soul in therebut his beauty surpasses just his looks.

he will occassionally talk and it’s usually when he wants something.  it’s a high voice and very sweet.  watching him play is a joy because he’s always 100% Iin the moment.  i’ve never seen him hiss at anyone, bite, scratch, or get angry.  he’s not a cuddler or affecionado, but will sneak up on the bed and cuddle up to you and sleep at night.  he  has more recenlty begun to appreciate a little attempts on my part at affection, such as a gentle pet or a neck scratch.

his soul is void of any malice.  just full of warmth and light.  it is truly amazing, and the calming affect when he’s near you is quite the experience.

ahh Teddy B.  what an experience.

Teddy these days….

is quite often curled up with his new “adopted” mom, my dog Shyler! lol  i have no idea how this relationship developed. all i know is that now Teddy is most often curled up with her, beside her, snuggled with her, making biscuits on her, and altho he often attempts to nurse on her, he’s not successful.

and despite attempts to find Teddy a home, none have panned out, and this bond continued to grow.

so i have a feeling, Teddy is Planet Kitty’s newest resident.  not that we mind all that much! lol  and how does Shyler feel about it?

all we got was no comment out of her.  afterall, a big giant breed mix having feelings about a little kitten?  indeed!  miss Shyler has a reputation to protect!


i guess life is all about taking happiness where u can find it!  🙂