i’ve been thinking about this lately, despite all the kitten running and urgent rushing, and decided to name an official kitty mascot for Planet Kitty. Now mind you, all my seven kitties are amazing (no i’m not biased! lol) and have wonderful attributes for being the mascot, but one really comes to mind! He’s been here the longest, and is literally King Kitty, and with his whacky personality traits, and his ability to welcome ALl critters to the house, whether cat, dog OR man, he i feel signifies what a mascot should be! No hissing occurs when kitten or cat approaches (that is until the kitten starts messing with his tail lol). And even when they do get on his nerves, he still can turn a kind paw and give them a bath. Some days, he can get a little grouchy with the other two guys that make up “three amigos” faction he’s part of, but for the most part, he’s an all around good sport.

when it comes to dogs, he doesn’t run, hiss or scratch, but sniffs their muzzles in a “hello, how are ya?” greeting. no fear here! and on some days, he’s been known to take a preference to hanging or walking with the dogs, if he’s allowed. (in his young days, when the dogs went for a walk, he would sit by the open window or sliding glass door and howl his head off in being left behind! lol)

at almost 13 years of age, sleeping is his biggest hobby these days, next to eating, and if he thinks that the bowl needs to be filled, he comes and gets me, even if it’s apparently full, and if my attention is occupied with the computer, he’s been known to chew the cord to get my attention (we’re STILL working on NOT doing that! lol)

and so for setting an example as to correct kitty decorum and being by my side for almost 13 years, not to mention tolerating the many variety of antics that go on here, the title of Mascot of Planet Kitty, goes to Eli!

Enjoy the title freakboy! lol