Ok I don’t know what’s wrong with WordPress and why it’s being so difficult in publishing my stupid blog on the new kits but it is really irritating the livin’ daylights out of me and tempting me to show my claws!! GRRRR!!!!

Well anyways, here are the little mackerel family that I rescued from my backyard.  I”m so frustrated that I can’t put up my original post I’m just gonna post their pics and then will write again more about them another time when I  have calmed down lol.  So here they are!

Milo, Mena and Millie!!




As you can see they all have their own little individual markings.  Unfortunately my main camera broke and so now I’ve only got a mediocre one to take pics.  I hope to replace my old one but have to wait until I can do some saving.

So here they are!! Milo, Mena and Millie, the Mackerels!!  Sooo cute!