A Little Thing That Makes You Go !&*#$!!!

so was in the process of moving some laundry around in the kitchen when one of the cats knocked all my medications on the floor, and i intended to pick them up as soon as i finished with the wash, but then suddenly i hear crunching sounds, and turn around to find Kelly nonchalantly crunching on pills.  how many?  i don’t know!!!!  what kind?  i don’t know!!!  all i know is i need to get her to my vet pronto and it’s after 6pm and they close at 5pm!!!  fortunately i had just been on the phone with them and new they were still there.

so i slammed, not literally, the three dogs in the car and off to the vet we went, and i just managed to catch my vet befor she left.  THANK GOD!!! 

hey bartender!!! gimme another round to shoot with these pills! NOT!

imagine me banging on the door and imagine their concern when asnwering it and finding me with Kelly in hand, well on leash, after hours at their door in a major panic!!!  fortunately our vet was there and agreed to help out once hearing just exactly what Kelly had been up to! 

the estimation of just exactly what pills she had munched were determined to be three different possibilities.  one, wouldn’t cause any problems, but one of the other two, and also depending on how many could really be serious. 

first came the salt.  i had no idea but apparently this makes a dog puke.  they even gave her some saline water to wash it down with.  twenty minutes later, Kelly was happily wagging her tail, blissfully unaware and no where near ready to puke.  she just looks at us and wants to give kisses!

next came two shots of hydrogen peroxide.  apparently, this will also make a dog barf when u want them to.  shortly thereafter, Kelly’s head goes down and so does her tell, it looks like we may just suceed so we ventured outside and waited for her to produce the evidence of what she took. 

oooff! me not feel so good!

finally!  it looked like we hit paydirt!!  paydirt….whww wait a minute.  the little pooch is recovering!  once again her tail goes back up in the air and she gives us her oh so Kelly grin.  great…..

so my vet decides it’s time to bring out hte big guns!!!  and they take her in the back to administer charcoal as the last effort of making her puke.  and i’m wating patiently in the front.  out they bring her again, and another twenty minutes pass with no puking whatsoever.  apparently she has a steel gut!!!  she’s still happy go lucky everbody loves me Kelly and is not giving any kind of a sign of any kind of distress, intestinel or otherwise.  so one emergency vet visit and a $100 dollars later, the vet sends me home with one very charcoaly dog.    she was even so gracious to help them out by drinking down the stuff herself!!  😐 LOL

and so now we are home, and i have the dubious honor of keeping and eye on here to see what comes next.  she’s not worried.  she’s passed out on MY pillow! lol