What’s In A Name?


so i know you all are just waiting with baited breath what little MeMe’s permanent name is (ha ha)!  i figured i’d go ahead and share it with you before the new year is upon us. 

i went thru many different names before the one  settled on.  it started with Trixie Pixie Mimsy…and from there went on to Autumn and Eve, Ivy, Hope…oh my there were so many!

i thought I had settled on Evelyn Anne and I was calling her EvieAnne for short, but it just didn’t “take”.  I chose Evelyn because I am a rose affecionado, with around 30 or so in my gardens at present, and Evelyn is the name of my favorite english rose.   i’ve always really liked the name Anne, and not just cause it’s part of my name because i just always thought it was really pretty.  simple but a strong strong name.  however, it was not meant to be.  everytime i called her EvieAnne, or just Evie, something didn’t feel right.  I figured it would eventually “settle”, but then life happened, so to speak.

there were 3 things i wanted for xmas this year.  one was that congress would pass the unemployment and tax cuts before my unemployment ran out.  two, i wanted a job, and 3 for some miracle to come along so that i would be able to keep my house for me and my furry family.  well my hope, was pretty much in the toilet and along with it was my reception of the holiday season upon us and everything that went along with that as well. 

meanwhile, while all that was occurring, little MeMe was perservering despite her dismal start in this world.  upon her discovery, she was very sick and underweight.  she had terribly infected eyes, and the vet upon seeing her, classified her condition as “serious”.  in only a matter of days, tho, miss MeMe was howling her head from the bathroom, for my attention and it quickly became very apparent that she had no intentions of letting her current predictament get the better of her. 

helping mom on the computer is some seriously hard work!!

as MeMe continued to heal and put on weight, the world continue to spin, albeit somewhat off it’s access, i’m sure, and then something happened.  i got called for a job interview.  it was for one of those check cashing places and i knew that the likelyhood of them hiring me was miminal because whether or not they’ll hire you is partially based on my credit history and mine sux presently what with my current situation (tell me with 10% unemployment in this country, if they are going to base hiring you on your credit history, just exactly how is that 10% s’posed to get a job if they have sucky credit due to the fact that they lost their job in the first place?), and then, even tho i didn’t get a job, congress passed the legislation needed to help those unemployed and kept the tax cuts, and miracle of miracles, i was contacted for another job interview!!!  all of this, and watching little MeMe blossom started something.  it started this little seed of hope growing within me, and gave me tremendous joy.  if she could overcome all the adversities put before her?  who was i to mope and sulk???  😐

next thing i knew, bam!  boom!  the christmas bug had bit me in the ass!  instead of staying home, i decided to go and see family, and not only go and see them, but to do some COOKING for the occassion as well  (i HATE cooking and so apparently, in this case or any other it takes an act of congress to get me in the kitchen! LOL) 

one of her favorite pastimes, watching tv

traveling to see family wasn’t an easy task, as i not only had to take the dogs with me, but determined that i had to take MeMe as well because not only to keep an eye on her, but because she had developed another eye infection as well!  …sigh  the trip went really well, with MeMe’s eye infection clearing up and blasting around my mom and dad’s house like she had a rocket on her tail! lol 

and yes i know u are probably thinking ‘that’s all nice, but what IS her permanent name already??”  ok ok…well with the hope and joy kicking in, that’s when it hit me…this little kitten’s name is Merry.  yess….MERRY!  and it fits!  here she is restoring my faith and putting a smile on my face.  Merry she makes, and makes all those who come into contact with her.  my mom, a HUGE lover of all things cat, ooo’d and awww’d over her, and my dad was brought to tears by the story of her and her brother’s discovery.  yes she touches all those who come into contact with and makes Merry.  not only is it from the holiday season, but it also the name of one of my closest and dearest long time friends who has been thru alot with me.  and i mean ALOT.  so it is quite the suitable name.  annnddd…just for the heck of it, i tacked on christmas as her second name because everyone who hears it smiles.  how can u not?

and so there u have it.  little Merry Christmas.  the kitten who in saving herself, saved me too.  oh and one last note, i did get a call for another interview and will find out the results of that after the holidays.  little Merry is also now in a splint because she did something to her front right paw. we’re not sure what and the dr couldn’t detect any broken bones, so she’s in a splint for the weekend to give it a break and will come off monday to see if she’s willing to walk on it.  if not, she will go back in the splint for about 6 weeks.  little Merry very calmly allowed the dr to wrap her foot, as long as i was holding her, and is getting around just fine here at the house.  like the little trooper she is, she takes it on the chin and continues to purr, eat, and find the merry in every day!!

one of merry's favorite spots; this bowl. she even sleeps in it. i love this pic!