it’s a word that makes me smile and i am smiling right now.  I just got back from delivering two of the Golden Girls to their new home!  little Sophia, the runt of the litter, and Blanche the biggest of the four, are now Velma and Daphne.  the five year old son of the family renamed Blanche Daphne and that set off the ScoobyDo theme for names



I had been out running a few errands earlier, and came home to a message at Greta’s Kingdom Facebook page from the manager of where I bank.  at first I didn’t recognize the name, and then once we got chatting, i realized who it was.  definitely a cat person, and someone i know fairly well, I felt really good about the adopting and that’s how these two wound up in a new home tonight!

what i found amazing, is that the hubby of the family, a self proclaimed dog person, had Blanche curled up in his arm, and was completely sold! LOL  don’t you just love how they do that?  hubby has been around cats, and even rescued one where he works,  apparently they have quite the feral cat problem down at the office.  it became very apparent to me that even tho he described himself as a dog person, hubby also  has a very big heart.  🙂

the misses of the house, was sold on little Sophia.  Sophia in her arms cried for petting and if you quit, she would start crying again.  ironically, in the beginning, little Sophia was very shy and took long to warm up but has most certainly come out of her shell since being here at Planet Kitty.    i am sooo utterly happy to have them go to this new home!!!!  it fills good when it’s someone you know and know that u can trust!

the only bummer news to report today, is that little Aidan is limping.  he’s the one that got his foot all ensnarled in the wire pet cage, and i have to see that this is the first time i’ve noticed any limping since the incident.  it also felt like to me that he just didn’t overall feel very good today either, and it has me concerned, so i  will be keeping a close eye on him, and if we must, will make a trip this week to the vet to have him checked out if necessary.

little man Aidan

returning home from the vet yesterday, seemed to have really stressed Elliot out, but he’s alot calmer and more outgoing today.  course, having to apply cream to his bum 3 times a day i’m sure he just relishes that experience.  NOT! lol  he also seems so dang skinny but he’s “very siamese” and i think that has alot to do with it.  he was mr. popularity at the vet’s office.  the vet tech even wanted to take him and probably would of if it weren’t for the hubby at home that “don’t want another”.    we will continue with the cream application tho, and keep and eye on the little man.  and of course, Aidan’s foot as well.

Finally Finally!!

some good news on Elliot’s case!!  Yeah!

it started with compilcations.  the surgery didn’t work as planned.  the intent of the surgery was to place a “purse string” stitch in his little bum to kind of hold everything together and help it go back to normal.  unfortunately the stitch only managed to irritate, and little Elliot was straining too much against it to go poop, so dr. smith removed the stitch and then began treating Elliot with steroids to try and get the swelling down and Elliot’s bum to return to normal.  this is the slippery slope dr. smith was talking about when prolapsed rectums go on for too long.

that was friday.  TODAY, however, he is responding to the treatment really well!  dr. smith also threw in some antibiotics incase there was any kind of infection going on too, and i just got off the phone with the dr, and he said that Elliot is feeling better!  that he’s alot more animated, eating well, playful, and the dr. thinks we’re finally gaining ground with the whole prolapse.  YEAH!!  i needed this news!  i’m sure you did too!  the dr. is doing everything he can to watch costs, and is donating alot of his time.  Elliot will be staying with dr. smith until thursday/friday.  He’s not charging us for theadditional procedure or boarding, just the anesthesia,  antibiotics and steroids.  that puts the final balance for Elliot at just shy of $300.  the only thing that would change is if Elliot’s situation for some reason drastically changed and he needed major life saving surgery but dr. smith doesn’t see that happening with as well as he’s doing!  YEAH!!

i will change the balance of the chipin later for donations.  right now, i just want to bask in this good news.  yeah!!

Second Update on Elliot

UGH!  frustrating.  that is what i’m feeling right now.  UGH!  my eyeballs should be popping out of my head or something with as frustrated as i feel.  anything that is not considered an emergency, my vet wants full payment up front.  no extra time, not even a few days to do put something together to get them the money.  i am not happy about this, and while i understand that the economy has forced her to instate this policy-i have literally seen people argue with them in the office about it-it still can be frustrating.  especially when you’re dealing with a kitten who’s problem you would like to resolve as quickly as possible in order to make them feel more comfortable.  well…maybe to make me feel more comfortable since Elliot IS running around playing, eating, and pooping and seems to be feeling fine for the most part.  it could be just me that is wiggling over any possible discomfort and a few days won’t make that much of a difference.  However,  the concern is that his stools are so hard, that it’s forcing him to have to strain to poop and therfore the swelling in his little bum, is not going down like i had hoped.



they are suggesting a stool softener, but before they can prescribe it, they want to see him, and to see him, the estimate is about $100.  UGH!  GRRRR!!!  now once again, i must state that i can understand about being paid up front.  i would want the same.  specially in these times when everyone is being pushed to their limit.  i know i am.  it’s just so frustrating when you don’t have the cash.

his current appointment is set for tomorrow afternoon at 3:30.  if i don’t have the funds by then, then there is a second scheduled for monday, so he would have to go the weekend before being seen.

i am wondering if there’s an over the counter, gentle stool softener that would do that same.  i am also wondering if the other vet in town would see him and be cheaper.  most likely.  he’s a solid vet and does a fine job.  i just don’t have the “comfort zone” that i have with mine.  but for me, getting Elliot seen is of the essence and if they will work with me, i’ll go there.

it’s just…very frustrating.  my schedule today was to cocnetrate on getting out there and doing some networking, applying for a job, and checking up on another one.  there are also the needs of my own pets, and the other foster kitties too.  it’s a huge balancing act, and just went i think we’ve got a routine, another monkey wrench gets thrown into the picture, so i feel frustation over that complication, and also over my sensitivity to little Elliot’s bum.  as the vet pointed out, his little bum probably bugs me more, than it does Elliot since he’s eating, playing and pooping just fine.  i still worry.  what if it gets worse between now and monday (if i can come up with the funds until then) and he has to have surgery, or something else??!!!

deep breath…stay calm…this was the advice i gave someone just last night assisting them with a crisis they were dealing with their own pet.  and so it goes.  i can only do what i can do, no matter how frustrating it is.  no matter how worried i am an anxious to get little Elliot to the vet.  it doesn’t work.  logic applied here doesn’t work.  i am stll not happy, and won’t be until i get him to a vet.

*footnote:  there is another vet about 16 miles up the road from me in a smaller town who would have helped this weekend but he was out of town and couldn’t.  however, his willingess to work with me was apparent and so i just called him.  i have a good feeling about this.  keep u posted!  yeah!