Welll…..just when we thought we were out of the woods!

elliot and timber enjoying a cool evening by the window

and able to list Elliot for adoption, he started having regirgitation problems and so now he’s been taken back off the adoption block. we don’t know if this is the start of something new, or the continuation of something having to do with his rectal problems, and so it’s been decided to make him a permanent resident of Planet Kitty. In the area where we’re located, it’s very unlikely that anyone would consider adopting him with all of of is issues, and so it’s either keep him or ask a rescue like Best Friends to take him.
However, we will continue to have his issues checked out and monitored to see what develops!
i dunno if this is all frustrating for little Elliot but it sure is for me!! or maybe it’s more that i just feel frustrated for him and the fact that there are more issues with the little guy. it’s hard to tell if he’s uncomfortable with his predictament as he goes on about his day, playing and sleeping and eating, and so far there doesn’t seem to be any weight loss, which is good, but i also wonder if since he’s a bit older than the other fosters i have, if he shouldn’t be a bit bigger than his current size, but it’s all really hard to tell especially if he were the runt of the litter, for example.
altho different from other kitties, he sure is a sweet little guy! (he’s done his work at making me the smitten kitten!) one look into those big blue eyes, and that’s it! ur heart melts!!
so…we are back to one day at a time again with little Elliot. …..sigh


Finally!!! SOME GOOD NEWS!!!

little Elliot is now looking for his new home!

Elliot got the ok to be adopted earlier today with his checkup from the vet.  his bum is still a bit of an “outie” but with time and as he grows, the vet thinks it will eventually completely heal.  however, his adopter will have to completely understand that he’s got special needs due to his manx mix breeding and that he could have more rectal issues later on in life.  also due to his needs, it is absolutely positively mandatory that anyone interested in him fully comprehend and understand that little Elliot can never EVER go outside!  no matter what the circumstance, or the issue.  NO GOING OUTDOORS!!

despite his slim frame, little Elliot loves his groceries, and is also very playful!

i don’t know why, but for some reason alot of people have a problem with that last requirement.  you would think that in this day and age, they would fully realize that keeping kitty inside extends their life expectancy tremendously, but yet still peeps let their kitties go out!  not for this boy!  there is just too much risk of future infection or other issues.  Elliot is truly and inside kitty only!

it was a hard decision to decide to place Elliot for adoption.  i have really become very bonded and quite fond of this little guy.  he’s very unique.  he’s not a lap kitty, and is very sensitive to touch so he’s not one to ask for much petting.  his new person will have to be someone that can accept this about him.  he’s very independent, but often will sneak up to lie by my side when i’m down, and has even on occassion lied on top of me.  he will on occasion ask for pets, and then you’re greeted with one huge motor in this lttle guy!  he is very special, and anyone that doesn’t fall for those big baby blues of his, is well….well not anyone that I KNOW! lol  he’s got his own unique charm!

who can resist those beautiful baby blues?

so i imagine it will only be a matter of time before that special someone succums to those baby blues of his!!!  i know i did loonggg ago!!  hooray for Elliot!!  here’s to finding his forever home!!

Finally Finally!!

some good news on Elliot’s case!!  Yeah!

it started with compilcations.  the surgery didn’t work as planned.  the intent of the surgery was to place a “purse string” stitch in his little bum to kind of hold everything together and help it go back to normal.  unfortunately the stitch only managed to irritate, and little Elliot was straining too much against it to go poop, so dr. smith removed the stitch and then began treating Elliot with steroids to try and get the swelling down and Elliot’s bum to return to normal.  this is the slippery slope dr. smith was talking about when prolapsed rectums go on for too long.

that was friday.  TODAY, however, he is responding to the treatment really well!  dr. smith also threw in some antibiotics incase there was any kind of infection going on too, and i just got off the phone with the dr, and he said that Elliot is feeling better!  that he’s alot more animated, eating well, playful, and the dr. thinks we’re finally gaining ground with the whole prolapse.  YEAH!!  i needed this news!  i’m sure you did too!  the dr. is doing everything he can to watch costs, and is donating alot of his time.  Elliot will be staying with dr. smith until thursday/friday.  He’s not charging us for theadditional procedure or boarding, just the anesthesia,  antibiotics and steroids.  that puts the final balance for Elliot at just shy of $300.  the only thing that would change is if Elliot’s situation for some reason drastically changed and he needed major life saving surgery but dr. smith doesn’t see that happening with as well as he’s doing!  YEAH!!

i will change the balance of the chipin later for donations.  right now, i just want to bask in this good news.  yeah!!

Back from the vet, and…

ok guys. i just got back from the vet, and they have decided to do surgery on Elliot. the vet, a dr. smith-really nice guy-felt that to let it go on any longer would be a slippery slope that could lead to worse problems later rather than it getting better. poor little elliot! dr. smith cleaned up his bottom and it was obvious that it was a very “sensitive” area to say the least!

dr. smiths’ prognosis is good, but Elliot won’t be back until monday at the soonest. they estimate that they gave me for the bill is $165. amazing when compared with the ER bill and how this is a surgical proceedure and at the ER it wasn’t. ;( anyways. we are starting another chipin for Elliot. here is the link:
dr. smith has a sneaking suspicion that Elliot’s prolapse has been going on alot longer than the lady who surrendered him to said it had, and he just wants to get it all cleared up and the healed before it becomes worse! i can’t even begin to imagine the discomfort of walking around with your collin protruding out your backside! with feces sticking to it and it drying out, not much less having hte applications of water i’ve been putting on it over the last few days! *i’m wincing here* eesh! glad dr. smith has stepped into help!

the thing that really gets me about the lady who surrendered him to me, is how “unfriendly” she described him. this little guy, altho obviously nervous and scared, was still purring when i scratched his chin, and petted him gently. i just don’t think he was ever really given much of a chance. well now he’s got one…as many as he needs really!

Second Update on Elliot

UGH!  frustrating.  that is what i’m feeling right now.  UGH!  my eyeballs should be popping out of my head or something with as frustrated as i feel.  anything that is not considered an emergency, my vet wants full payment up front.  no extra time, not even a few days to do put something together to get them the money.  i am not happy about this, and while i understand that the economy has forced her to instate this policy-i have literally seen people argue with them in the office about it-it still can be frustrating.  especially when you’re dealing with a kitten who’s problem you would like to resolve as quickly as possible in order to make them feel more comfortable.  well…maybe to make me feel more comfortable since Elliot IS running around playing, eating, and pooping and seems to be feeling fine for the most part.  it could be just me that is wiggling over any possible discomfort and a few days won’t make that much of a difference.  However,  the concern is that his stools are so hard, that it’s forcing him to have to strain to poop and therfore the swelling in his little bum, is not going down like i had hoped.



they are suggesting a stool softener, but before they can prescribe it, they want to see him, and to see him, the estimate is about $100.  UGH!  GRRRR!!!  now once again, i must state that i can understand about being paid up front.  i would want the same.  specially in these times when everyone is being pushed to their limit.  i know i am.  it’s just so frustrating when you don’t have the cash.

his current appointment is set for tomorrow afternoon at 3:30.  if i don’t have the funds by then, then there is a second scheduled for monday, so he would have to go the weekend before being seen.

i am wondering if there’s an over the counter, gentle stool softener that would do that same.  i am also wondering if the other vet in town would see him and be cheaper.  most likely.  he’s a solid vet and does a fine job.  i just don’t have the “comfort zone” that i have with mine.  but for me, getting Elliot seen is of the essence and if they will work with me, i’ll go there.

it’s just…very frustrating.  my schedule today was to cocnetrate on getting out there and doing some networking, applying for a job, and checking up on another one.  there are also the needs of my own pets, and the other foster kitties too.  it’s a huge balancing act, and just went i think we’ve got a routine, another monkey wrench gets thrown into the picture, so i feel frustation over that complication, and also over my sensitivity to little Elliot’s bum.  as the vet pointed out, his little bum probably bugs me more, than it does Elliot since he’s eating, playing and pooping just fine.  i still worry.  what if it gets worse between now and monday (if i can come up with the funds until then) and he has to have surgery, or something else??!!!

deep breath…stay calm…this was the advice i gave someone just last night assisting them with a crisis they were dealing with their own pet.  and so it goes.  i can only do what i can do, no matter how frustrating it is.  no matter how worried i am an anxious to get little Elliot to the vet.  it doesn’t work.  logic applied here doesn’t work.  i am stll not happy, and won’t be until i get him to a vet.

*footnote:  there is another vet about 16 miles up the road from me in a smaller town who would have helped this weekend but he was out of town and couldn’t.  however, his willingess to work with me was apparent and so i just called him.  i have a good feeling about this.  keep u posted!  yeah!

Update on Elliot

thankfully, due to the compassion of the basalt, colorado emergency animal clinic, i was able to get Elliot looked at.  they did a treatment to help reduce the swelling, and then also dewormed him in case it was worms or a parasite that caused the problem to begin with.  Dr. Bisque Jackson, she was wonderful!, attended to him and recommended not doing surgery at this time but to wait and see how it progressed.  the instructions were to apply water to Elliot’s little bum and to keep an eye on it to make sure it stays moist, which i have been doing.  he’s not thrilled with the water treatments tho.  so far, it doesn’t look any better or worse and what i can’t get over, is the fact that he still doesn’t seem to have had a bowel movement.  grrr!

elliot at the vet and not happy about it


so after speaking with Dr. Jackson today, if Elliot hasn’t had a bowel movement by tomorrow, he’s going to need an enema, which means another trip to a vet about 60 miles away, and on top of all this, the foster who has the trash can kittens we rescued, can no longer foster, so i am picking those up today along with another litter of kittens.  i guess when it rains kittens, it really POURS!

currently, little elliot’s bill is at $172 for seeing her yesterday.  I have left it open incase we have to go back tomorrow.  Please continue to make donations!!!!  especially now that I have seven more kittens coming too!  yesterday i was so occupied with dealing with Elliot, I had run out of toilet paper and haven’t been able to run to the store to get more.  ACK!

on the upside, at least we had two crates donated!  🙂