The Spirit of a Christmas Kitty, Passed

it goes without mention that i’ve pretty much done a terrible job of blogging here this year, but maybe this one will at least make up for  it a little.

i couldn’t help but ponder the two youngest boys of my crew and what they share in common with my past kitties, in particular, my cat Eli. Eli passed in January 2013.  it was sudden and a complete shock.  (he had previously lost a little weight and was less active, but i had attributed it to old age).  so much of a shock, that i didn’t even blog about it because it hurt.

it took quite some time for me to move on from Eli’s passing, and yes, to this day i still look for Eli in other cats, particularly snowshoe/siamese looking cats, that i see up for adoption, but only one ever hit that spot and it was a kitten and at the time, i was not in position to adopt.




(Eli christmas of 2012, a few weeks before he passed)

ironically, sometimes we get so busy looking, that we don’t see what’s right in front of us.

beginning of december last year, a feral kitten, who made his presence known under the trailer i rent, was safely trapped and i agreed to keep him. he was buff colored with longer hair and a mess of a face, but he sure was cute!


with a visit to the local vet and medicines, and a good scrubbing of his face, as well as time, Augustus Noel grew and not only entertained us in the process with his adorableness, but with his handsome-ness as well!  he is to this day, quite the stately gentleman.  IMG_0058

gus1 gus2

laid back being his primary personality trait, Gus pretty much got along with everyone and you would even find miss picky pants, Merry, grooming him on occasion; and she doesn’t groom anyone!  however, our reigning Adonis, comes with one flaw.  Well… i suppose it’s all in how you look at it! lol  he probably doesn’t see it as a flaw, but some days…..  like our kitty Eli of past, Gus is a kinky boy. he gets his thrills masturbating on blankets, and some days it is nonstop!  this was habit of Eli’s as well.  the only difference being that Eli was vocal! (Eli even won a contest for it, and you can read that here on the I Have Cat blog  i am thankful that Gus is not!  what gus lacks in vocals tho, he makes up for in..well…urges! and some days…it’s a bit tooooo much!  i’ll interrupt him and scoot him away, especially if he’s “busy” while i’m on the bed trying to read, sleep, relax, ect. it must be that he’s in his juvenile years is all i can think for the sheer volume of his activity.  GOOD LORD! lol

in june/july this summer, a client from work decided they no longer wanted the kitten they took in.  he was too wild and constantly getting into mischief and clawing up the couch and curtains.  the client was considering getting him declawed, and i stepped in and offered to give him a good home.  the kitten always snuggled and purred in my face when i was visiting, so how could i not?  he was such a cuddle bug!  and as far as the troublesome nature, well that was part of being a kitten!

enter rufus who for his first few weeks, remained in isolation from the rest until he weighed enough to be treated for terrible ear mites!  his space was the front bathroom and i would often see him sitting in the little bathroom window upon arriving home.  he hated the ear mite treatment we used until he weighed enough for the vet to prescribe something stronger.


poor little guy!  but i couldn’t have the ear mites be spread to the rest of the gang so in the bathroom he stayed.

finally, Rufus’s ears were cleared and he was released from the bathroom.  what a nightmare!  he gave all the other cats a hard time, “recruited” Gus into his gang of two monsters, and continuously wreaks havoc upon us all!

i find myself cussing him out, only to have him come and cuddle and purr, making me forget all about his bad behavior!rufus2


while there may not be anything that makes Rufus standout as far as looks, a typical cow kitty-white with a black mask-his personality is 100% max!  he will do something extremely irritating, only to be followed by something cute and adorable that makes it hard to stay angry.  high energy he is, and we have been exploring leash walking outdoors, where he gets timid ironically, but helps with this cat that runs at mach 3!   (and while i think on it, i did take Eli leashed on walks with the dogs occasionally too!)

this was typical of Eli in his younger years as well.  the other two cats in the house at the time, were my mom’s cat Cinder, and my sweet little girl cat Lizzy.  both of them i’m sure wondered why i had inflicted them with this disease called “Eli”.  the only one that Eli did get along with, was my then pooch Keehta.  again just like Eli, Rufus will hang with the dogs of the house and enjoys a good romp with Lola, too!


(Eli with his “life partner”, Diva Ashley who passed away this spring @ 16.5)

Eli was truly one of a kind, and when i came to the realization that i now have TWO cats that fill his shoes, i guess i shouldn’t be so surprised.  of course it takes two cats to fill his “big personality”  i just didn’t see it coming!  but maybe that’s the point of christmas.  to help us discover blessings we previously didn’t realize were there.  i am truly blessed!

(p.s.  we will be trying Rufus in an xmas suit very soon!  wish us luck!)