….in a wally world parking lot.  I stopped by one of the wally world’s in “bigtown”, where I’ve been working and hope to soon move,  and had unloaded my car of purchases and closing the passenger door when I heard a very LOUD, LONG, and ANGRY MEOWWW!!!  HISSSS!!!  and looked down to discover I had stepped on a very frightened little kitten’s tail!  She spat at me again when I bent over to check her out, but didn’t bite or claw when I reached out to her, pet her and picked her up.  Soon I discovered another under my back tire, who was obviously the littermate of the first one I found.  Meanwhile, the lady with the car parked next to mine, came out and climbed in, starting up the engine when I noticed not one but TWO more kittens under her back tire.  I managed to get her attention before she put her car in gear, and she got out and approached those 2.  We now had a total of 4 kittens between the 2 of us, and feeling guilty she decided to take the little grey one home with her, but said she couldn’t take two so I offered to take 3.  (sucker? no just major animal lover!)

Lucky Louie named for his luck in not getting run over!

from lef to right, Glory and Star

Like so many states this summer, Colorado is experiencing a tremendous influx of animals at all their shelters and the rescues in bigtown were no exception. I managed to find Lucky Louie, the brother who’s named for his luck in not being run over, a FANTASTIC home with one of the staff at the college where I work part time. These 2 girls had some interest, but their possible new homes have since fallen thru, and yes, darnit, I have gotten “hooked” on them. I have named them Glory and Star-left to right- after the 4th of July since it was right around that time I found them. They sleep together, eat together, and play together; are very soft and cute! They also make for great entertainment! The local shelter is offering to help out peeps who have taken in fosters on their own initiative to fix and vaccinate any kittens that people like me rescue and I may just take them up on it!

With sooo many cute kittens out there to choose from, even beauties like these can have a tuff time finding a good home.  It’s amazing to me the number of kittens that are passing thru the doors of sooo many rescues this summer!!  Being pretty darn picky about any future homes they go into as well, it could take me awhile to find someone that I approve of.  Until then, I will do everything I can for them and we will all just enjoy their company here at the homestead!

Here are a few more pics!
cuddling kits

glory finally held still!

star sittin' pretty