what do u do when u can’t find the software u need to get the work done you’re sposed to do?  Well in my case you blog I guess. It’s either that or packing and I determined to procrastinate as long as possible on that!

I have design suite software that I need to find and put on my computer to do some work for the boss and for the longest time it was there right in front of me and sat there for forever and do u think I could find it now??  No!  I have absolutely no idea where it could have gotten to, so I sit here lost…dazed, confused and frustrated, and of course my kitty Ashley takes advantage of this time to pounce  and bug me for some attention.  “Sweet” Ashley has her very own special of way for getting her attention.  She extends her paw out to your clothes and hooks a claw in, pulls back with your clothing attached and then uses her teeth to “dehook” the article of clothing you’re wearing.  As you can imagine, these leads to alot of snags.  I’ve tried to deter it by turning it into a handshake but since she’s now going on 12 years old, I haven’t had very much success with this. 

Ashley is a diva.  She wants what she wants when she wants it, and doesn’t take no for answer.  She was trying her best to make this entry a challenge to write, but has since settled for sitting next to the KB while I type with her tail over my hand.  Patience….a virtue for her?  I doubt it.  She got a good rub in before finally settling and making it nearly impossible for me to type.  She is quite intelligent tho.  This cat fetches, and can sing to her own special little song.  Granted, we haven’t done the “singing” in quite some time.  She believes that my main job is life, is to pet her and give her attention and can get quite feisty when she doesn’t get her way.  This usually resorts to her biting, altho not very hard, to get your attention to pet her when all else fails.  She will also shove her head into your hands when you’re trying to type and sashay to and fro in front of the keyboard, monitor, anything else, that you’re trying to accomplish to get u to pet her as well.

Hand addict is what my sister calls cats like this.  Ashley would like nothing better than a person to be hired full time to pet her night and day and day and night.  Ahhh…such is life Ashley!  Always wanting what we can’t have!