CRAIGSLIST: An Inside Look at The Animal Listings

american eskamo (clifton)

Date: 2011-09-09, 11:41AM MDT
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Beautiful with american eskamo. she is a great dog moved and cant keep her call or text for more info or pics 970-361-7506 small re-homing fee  she is great with kids and other dogs and cats. and baby’s, she is 3 years old
it never ceases to amaze me.  this little gal was just recently posted on facebook.  and i decided to call.  this is the way it goes.  everytime when they say that a “rehoming fee applies”.  you call or text and ask for pics, and then they respond with the fee and a picture.  this is what they sent me.

little white dog

they’re adoption or “rehoming fee” is $50.  the guy continually texts me asking what i think and that he can go less if i think that’s too much, and the only reason he’s charging a fee is to “make sure she gets a good home”.  i tell him no.  that i can’t do the rehoming fee. (as a rescuer, you generally don’t want to get into the habit of “rewarding” the bad owner with any sort of money, etc.)  that she would have a good home with me, and that i have other pets and also am the founder of an animal rescue so she’d have a good home.  he texts back what can i do?  and i reiterate what i previously said.  he texts me back.  $20?  and then texts that he’s out of work and needs the money: that he can’t even afford gas right now. 

this is the way it is.  this is the forum that craigslist offers.  on there,  you can get almost anything (as long as it’s legal?) 

the thing that really gets me is this little dog.  look at that face.  holding it’s foot up in anticipation of receiving affection from the owner.  it’s hooked up to lead.  is it left out all day?  it’s fur looks in fairly good condition based on this picture, and it doesn’t look malnourished.  could this person have fallen on hard times?  are they so hard up that they will sell the dog to get a few extra bucks to feed their kids?  (despite the fact that are numerous agencies in the area that will provide them with free food, etc.)

or is someone just looking to make a fast dollar?  things are tight, so let’s sell the family dog.  forget “how long we’ve had her”.  forget the “look in her eyes in this picture as she looks at me in anticipation for food….affection, love”.

that’s right.  forget. “forget what this dog has given me”.  unconditional love.  loyalty.  service to the very end.  always there when they needed her: to play with the kids-entertaiment; fufilling a status symbol-afterall she’s purebred; a passing desire for when things were good.  ahh when things were good.  then they could afford the dog.  then they could afford the medical and food.  yep!  she was  mama’s baby.  whatever it may be.  apparently she’s disposable when things get tuff.  forget  what she has given to you. 

and so this is how it works.  i think a bit, and decide to offer $10 for her.  a feeling of desperation comes over me as i just want to get this dog safe.  i ask if they can meet me halfway (they live in a different town).  ok.  he’ll take it.  but remember?  he’s out of gas so there’s no meeting me halfway.  i have to drive all the way there.  oh but wait.  another text comes thru. he says that he’ll get back to me.  he has to talk to his wife first.  what changed?  just a second ago he couldn’t get rid of the dog fast enuff.  now he’s wanting to “discuss it with the wife”.  i asked him what’s changed?  a better offer?  there’s no response back.  (and you know in your heart that most likely that’s what it was: a better offer).

yep.  this is how it works.  this is what i see all the time when it comes to pets needing to be “rehomed” on craigslist.  it wrenches your heart.  it makes you want to reach thru the phone and shake that person until their ears bleed.  well…at least it does me.  and then when you meet up with them, you want to ask them….”don’t u realize that this pet is a lifetime committment for its life?  haven’t you ever heard of spay/neuter??  your animal  has a condition.  did you even TRY to contact the other rescue agencies to see if they could help?  hey!  ever heard of dog/cat food!!!???!!!”

it’s inferiorating.  really. 

and so on as a rescuer, you do what you can, with a major focus on the can.  volunteers come and go like crazy.  finding a good one is like finding a diamond.  extremely rare.  volunteers disappear into the cracks like ants as you approach; making excuses, blaming their life and kids as taking up too much of their time. 

and so you keep going.  doing what all you can.  working with other agencies.  networking like crazy to  get the animals to their agency if you can’t take them all in yourself.  it’s crazy.  “a sign of the times as they are” they say. 

reality.  reality?

and so you continue.  and you pray. pray that whatever fate is on the horizon for this little dog is better than the environment it’s in now.  sometimes it’s all you can do.  and then you keep going, and move onto the next.  focusing on the ones where you did make a difference and pretending to forget the ones that you couldn’t.

(the phone number for this dog has been left as it was advertised in the ad.  i refuse to protect them!)