…yessss i know….way overdue for an installment.  if this were the design star competition, my show would have been cancelled a long time ago.  soo…here we are, a few days…a week or so before xmas and i have all sorts of news!  most of it good.  some a little sad, and some a little scary.

earlier tonight i posted that Mena has been adopted.  but the really wonderful news is, it looks like both kittens have found new homes! (milo was adopted over a week ago to some good friends of mine and he is doing quite well!  i get regular updates!)   i am very excited and happy for both of them!  i will taking along my NEW camera, to document the meeting with the new kittens’ families.  i’m sooo excited!!  (actually i’ve had the camera awhile; it only took them 3 months to get my order straightened out and the camera too me!)

Mena and Millie from left to right

i just have to interject here that the new camera is AWESOME and i’m having alot of fun playing with it!!  it has all sorts of special different settings that are just gonna b loads of fun to experiment with but that’s besides the point…back to the blog!

both adoption parents…as i call them…are great families and after speaking with Millie’s tonight on the phone, I know that they are just as anxious as I am to get their newest family member!  i am soo happy to have this happen as things in my own little world haven’t always gone the greatest and so this was really good news for both me and the kittens!  YEAH!!!  and just one for time for the cheap seats in the back…  YEAAHH!!!

of course, it’s been quite some time since i last blogged, and i know i teased you a bit with the subject of “screaming MeMe” on the facebook page.  I will now explain.  approximately 3 weeks or so ago, i was out in the “back 40” as I like to call it (back yard).  I was working on moving stuff into the garage for the winter, and happend to come across a startling discovery in some items covered in some plastic and blankets.  curled up together to try and stay warm for the 2 remaining kittens that had frolicked off the day that my border collie had cornered the 3 little mackerels in my backyard.  one boy, and one girl.  the little boy was dead, and from what i could tell had been for a few days.  the little girl was curled up next to him, and was breathing.  i rushed her inside to get her warmed up.  it was well into the evening by this time, and the soonest i would be able to get her to a vet, was the first thing the next morning.  i could have just killed myself for not having set a live trap for the other two, and would badly for not having done so for the next week, but i also needed to keep my mind focused on getting the remaining little girl kitten i found, healthy and back on her feet. 

the next morning she was diagnosed with a really bad URI and her eyes were badly infected.  she was tiny and considering that she was the same age as her siblings, underweight and small as well.  the night before i cleaned up her eyes as well as i could, but was afraid of doing too much as i didn’t want to make her feel worse after all she had been thru.  i was up and down all night caring for her, and in the long run, it paid off!  with a few days, the little had gone from sick sick sick…to feeling lots better and and i mean LOTS, better.  the little one had a BIG VOICE and let me know that not only was she hungry, but didn’t like having to stay in the bathroom -one of the warmest rooms in my little house-alone with anyone for company;  hence, the name, screaming MeMe. 

little MeMe

miss MeMe was sooo dirty when I first brought her in, i thought she was grey like her sister millie, but it wasn’t until after a good bath-days later when she was much stronger-that i discovered she was actually white!  amazingly, she never really seemed to be feral like her siblings were.  i don’t know if it was because of her illness and she socialized up during her recovery or what but it didn’t take her long to want to have me right by her side in the bathroom all the time and if i wasn’t she would…well not literally scream, but howl.  a very distinct howl as well; it was always loud and either sounded like “owe” or “now”.  it actually was very entertaining, if it weren’t so hearbreaking!  (altho sometimes, especially once she was back in full recovery, you really did have to chuckle it was so entertaining!)

after a week and a half or so, i reunited MeMe with her brother and sisters in the nursery.  it wasn’t long before they were all romping and playing together, but u definitely could notice a difference in size between her and her siblings, and her eyes need to be watched closely because it may turn out she’ll have problems/sensitivities for the rest of her life, too.  because of this, at least for now, i have decided to make MeMe a permanent resident of Planet Kitty.  altho it was never my intention to adopt another kitty after the loss of my kitty Febe last summer, it looks like fate has done that for me as i’m so very attached to little MeMe (who now has a new name but i’ll reveal that at a later date).  there is something so very delicate and special about this little girl, and i guess i need her as much as she needs me. 🙂

sweet little girl!

the 3 girls hogging the computer desk and monitor-another reason why it's so hard for me to get any work done!

and so all is well in the end at PK.  i was going to write about the other goings-on here at the homestead having to do more literally with the homestead, work, my job search, etc., but tonight i’d rather once again end on a positive note and will talk about that some other time.  the main thing is….HIP HIP HOORRAY!!!  everyone is getting a good home!!  happy holidays!

Where to start??

Well……it began with a computer crash and just kept on rollin’!  :S  After several hours of workin’ on my computer, a friend was able to salvage one harddrive.  Unfortunately, it only lasted about a day and a half and then it all came crashing down again.  I originally had 2 harddrives and with the initial crash, I lost all my fotos I’d taken from the past 7 years or so.  good bye family, friends, etc.  grrr.  :S  The friend highly recommended that I back everything up next time.  Point taken. 

Now, not during this time, but right before, I began motor RV shopping with the intention of moving all of us, eventually, into a motorhome in preperation of things that could possibly come.  Well darnit, I had one found, only to have the owner call me the morning we were sposed to pick it up saying that some unknown damage had just been discovered and he didn’t feel comfortable selling it to me in that condition.  At the time I was relieved thankful to have such and “honest” person at the other end of the sales deal.  However, a couple of weeks later I found the same dang RV listed back on craigslist for $600 more than the price he agreed to sell it to me for!  Grrrr!!!  what gggggreeed!!  So that temporarily has set back that plan. 

Meanwhile, the Mackerels continued to progress for the better.  No more ailments and with recently being altered and healed from their surgeries, they were ready to find homes!  However, because of the loss of all my photos, I had no way to run a photo in the paper with their ads.  So I decided to put it off since I figured the puter would be back up and running soon. (Boy was I wrong)!  A home has been found for lively little Milo tho, and I will be posting new pics of him and his sisters very very soon!!  (Milo will be making the transition this weekend).

Greta, my greyhound, has her good days and bad, and during this time had a few bad days with her arthritis getting the better of her.  I am now having to help her get up almost on a regular basis.  Despite her pain, she reminds bright and alert, and determined to keep on movin’!

With the loss of the RV that I attempted to obtain, the situation of our living quarters continues to become more and more dire.  :S  While I continue to try and find work, a foreclosure date has been set for February 2 of next year.  I had hoped to be able to qualify for a special HUD program, but we didn’t qualify and while there is another program we DO qualify for, the feds haven’t gotten it completely in place yet.  Meanwhile I continue to pound the pavement, now more voraciously, determined to find something to hold us over.  I realize that many other Americans are going thru the same thing, but it’s quite terrifying for the person actually going thru it, at least for me it is, and even tho many others are going thru it, that knowledge doesn’t make it any less devistating, I’m afraid.  We shall persevere tho!!

I  hate to end on a sad note…..and so I won’t!  I”ll save that for the next blog.  I can tell u it starts sad, but ends happy.  I promise!! 🙂