it’s a word that makes me smile and i am smiling right now.  I just got back from delivering two of the Golden Girls to their new home!  little Sophia, the runt of the litter, and Blanche the biggest of the four, are now Velma and Daphne.  the five year old son of the family renamed Blanche Daphne and that set off the ScoobyDo theme for names



I had been out running a few errands earlier, and came home to a message at Greta’s Kingdom Facebook page from the manager of where I bank.  at first I didn’t recognize the name, and then once we got chatting, i realized who it was.  definitely a cat person, and someone i know fairly well, I felt really good about the adopting and that’s how these two wound up in a new home tonight!

what i found amazing, is that the hubby of the family, a self proclaimed dog person, had Blanche curled up in his arm, and was completely sold! LOL  don’t you just love how they do that?  hubby has been around cats, and even rescued one where he works,  apparently they have quite the feral cat problem down at the office.  it became very apparent to me that even tho he described himself as a dog person, hubby also  has a very big heart.  🙂

the misses of the house, was sold on little Sophia.  Sophia in her arms cried for petting and if you quit, she would start crying again.  ironically, in the beginning, little Sophia was very shy and took long to warm up but has most certainly come out of her shell since being here at Planet Kitty.    i am sooo utterly happy to have them go to this new home!!!!  it fills good when it’s someone you know and know that u can trust!

the only bummer news to report today, is that little Aidan is limping.  he’s the one that got his foot all ensnarled in the wire pet cage, and i have to see that this is the first time i’ve noticed any limping since the incident.  it also felt like to me that he just didn’t overall feel very good today either, and it has me concerned, so i  will be keeping a close eye on him, and if we must, will make a trip this week to the vet to have him checked out if necessary.

little man Aidan

returning home from the vet yesterday, seemed to have really stressed Elliot out, but he’s alot calmer and more outgoing today.  course, having to apply cream to his bum 3 times a day i’m sure he just relishes that experience.  NOT! lol  he also seems so dang skinny but he’s “very siamese” and i think that has alot to do with it.  he was mr. popularity at the vet’s office.  the vet tech even wanted to take him and probably would of if it weren’t for the hubby at home that “don’t want another”.    we will continue with the cream application tho, and keep and eye on the little man.  and of course, Aidan’s foot as well.


well let’s first introduce the new foster arrivals at Planet Kitty.  i’ve been dropping little teasers about them and here they finally are and boy  howdy are they precious!!  Introducing, the Golden Girls!

i picked these gals up earlier today, and when they were handed to me, not only was it apparent that they have some sort of upper respiratory going on, but that they weren’t eight weeks yet either.  (often times when i meet these peeps, i want to give them a lecture about spaying/neutering their cats so that this doesn’t continue to happen, but that only tends to irritate them, and i haven’t figured out yet how to get the info across.  not to mention the fact that they kept the male of the litter as well :S)

these little lovelies came from Grand Junction where there’s still a “country folk” mentality when it comes to cats and dogs.  “country folk” is the only way i know how to put it.  very frustrating.

anways, back to the beauties…i know i can just hear you all grumbling, “where’s the pictures?” lol  ok ok!

little blanche, the most outgoing and flirt of the bunch. she likes to play!

sophia and dorothy. these two stick together like....mother and daughter, however they obviously aren't mother and


rose who was plum tuckered!

while down in GJ picking up the browns, i also picked up some Lysine and am giving it to these four to see if it won’t help with their little colds, URIs.  they are skinny, scared, and probably stressed too as they didn’t have much of an appetite tonight.  Blanche, seemed the healthiest of them all, and wasn’t sneezing or had watering eyes.  she also was very playful and definitely had more meat on her bones than the other two.  they are all tucked in now, with tons of pillows, soft places, and food and water.  i will just let them chill for tonight and check on them first thing in the morning.

altho silly, dorothy was actually yawning. there was alot of that going on. these guys have had a big day!

btw i wanna say a big THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO DONATED TO ELLIOT’S CHIP IN!!  the good news is he doesn’t have to have an enema tomorrow and is ok until we follow up with our regular vet on tuesday to see what she thinks about it all.  and if there’s anything else that should be done.  meanwhile, i keep applying water to the poor guy’s little bum.

and as i mentioned, i think somewhere earlier.  a foster backed out on me on their commitment to the Brown’s and so now i have them as well!  one of them was adopted, but i have the 3 of them that were left.  oh and btw, abby is not a girl but a boy!  and so i name HIM Aidan.  i feel it’s the least of what i should be able to do since i now am fostering a total of NINE kittens.  yeesh!  here are a few pics of the browns.

little dresden the only girl left



Aidan in the middle!


and remember this little guy?  Teddy?  well he’s been in isolation here, and will be retested end of this week to see if he still comes up positive for FeLV.  i don’t think he will.  the little booger has been puttin’ in weight and looks good!  i could be wrong tho.  i have news on him end of the week.  PROMISE!


i’m so tired, and my own critters, specially the dogs, are feeling the neglect of the last few days….they’re paying back for it right now by  ruffhousing…get it?  RUFFHOUSING?  ok yeah i know…corny.  time for me to go to bed.  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!