Ready…Get Set…


well maybe not quite that quick for Miss Brigett.  She’s needed sometime to learn that not all of us humans are scarry/bad.  Brigett and her two siblings, just to refresh your memory, arrived here about 2 months ago, and were most certainly NOT thrilled with the change in location much less the fact that a human wanted to handle them.  Alban, twin to Brigett, was the first to warm up to the idea of being socialized.  Jett, was the second, and by the time he finally caved, i had been around them long enuff to know that their previous home probably wasn’t the nicest place to live, and that’s why they weren’t so crazy about me at first!

brigett's sweet face

all three of this scottish fold mix litter, were brought to me smelling of urine and feces, and so the first thing they got after arriving back at the homestead, was a bath.  just one more thing to make them like me even less!

Alban after his bath

Jett just glared at me like i was some sort of evil monstrousity sent to personally torture with a bath.  the picture i took of him was priceless!

Jett after his bath

and even a week or so later while still working on warming up to the idea of accepting us humans, the expression on his face still spoke a thousand words!

Jett not a happy camper!

but Brigett was the hardest sell of all three, and to  this day, it has to be her that comes to me and not the other way around.  it quickly became very apparent that these little guys were afraid of feet, most likely from being kicked and/or stepped on.  (probably both!)

Brigett after her bath looking for the nearest escape route!

and so socialization took time to make any progress, but soon Jett was sleeping with me, and then one day Brigett allowed me to pet her.  it was only a matter of time before Jett was not only sleeping with me, but taking his turn lying on the desk in front of the computer screen, getting under foot when he wanted something, and coming for attention and a good scratch as well.  completely laid back and loosened up, i knew he was ready to be adopted.

Brigett hasnt’ been so easy.  she does accept and love being petted and scratched, the trick is her letting you approach in the first place, and this is where i think being the only kitty in a household of one or two adults will do the trick as well asmaybe another bit more experieinced kitty to show her the ropes.  right now, being in a home with so many other animals, is kinda chaotic for her.  she’s more bonded with the other animals than with me, and that just doesn’t help when it comes to trying to make anymore progress with her.

Brigett loves to cuddle whether it be with Teddy or one of the other boys here, like Elliot or Moose

and so today i made the decision.   the decision that it was time for Brigett to move on and find her permanent home.  the newspaper was called, and her advertisement placed.  soon there will be calls to answer, and potential adopters to screen, and hopefully soon, the perfect home for Brigett to spend the rest of her life in!

how can u not love her sweet tabby face?


Finally!!! SOME GOOD NEWS!!!

little Elliot is now looking for his new home!

Elliot got the ok to be adopted earlier today with his checkup from the vet.  his bum is still a bit of an “outie” but with time and as he grows, the vet thinks it will eventually completely heal.  however, his adopter will have to completely understand that he’s got special needs due to his manx mix breeding and that he could have more rectal issues later on in life.  also due to his needs, it is absolutely positively mandatory that anyone interested in him fully comprehend and understand that little Elliot can never EVER go outside!  no matter what the circumstance, or the issue.  NO GOING OUTDOORS!!

despite his slim frame, little Elliot loves his groceries, and is also very playful!

i don’t know why, but for some reason alot of people have a problem with that last requirement.  you would think that in this day and age, they would fully realize that keeping kitty inside extends their life expectancy tremendously, but yet still peeps let their kitties go out!  not for this boy!  there is just too much risk of future infection or other issues.  Elliot is truly and inside kitty only!

it was a hard decision to decide to place Elliot for adoption.  i have really become very bonded and quite fond of this little guy.  he’s very unique.  he’s not a lap kitty, and is very sensitive to touch so he’s not one to ask for much petting.  his new person will have to be someone that can accept this about him.  he’s very independent, but often will sneak up to lie by my side when i’m down, and has even on occassion lied on top of me.  he will on occasion ask for pets, and then you’re greeted with one huge motor in this lttle guy!  he is very special, and anyone that doesn’t fall for those big baby blues of his, is well….well not anyone that I KNOW! lol  he’s got his own unique charm!

who can resist those beautiful baby blues?

so i imagine it will only be a matter of time before that special someone succums to those baby blues of his!!!  i know i did loonggg ago!!  hooray for Elliot!!  here’s to finding his forever home!!

Teddy these days….

is quite often curled up with his new “adopted” mom, my dog Shyler! lol  i have no idea how this relationship developed. all i know is that now Teddy is most often curled up with her, beside her, snuggled with her, making biscuits on her, and altho he often attempts to nurse on her, he’s not successful.

and despite attempts to find Teddy a home, none have panned out, and this bond continued to grow.

so i have a feeling, Teddy is Planet Kitty’s newest resident.  not that we mind all that much! lol  and how does Shyler feel about it?

all we got was no comment out of her.  afterall, a big giant breed mix having feelings about a little kitten?  indeed!  miss Shyler has a reputation to protect!


i guess life is all about taking happiness where u can find it!  🙂


it’s a word that makes me smile and i am smiling right now.  I just got back from delivering two of the Golden Girls to their new home!  little Sophia, the runt of the litter, and Blanche the biggest of the four, are now Velma and Daphne.  the five year old son of the family renamed Blanche Daphne and that set off the ScoobyDo theme for names



I had been out running a few errands earlier, and came home to a message at Greta’s Kingdom Facebook page from the manager of where I bank.  at first I didn’t recognize the name, and then once we got chatting, i realized who it was.  definitely a cat person, and someone i know fairly well, I felt really good about the adopting and that’s how these two wound up in a new home tonight!

what i found amazing, is that the hubby of the family, a self proclaimed dog person, had Blanche curled up in his arm, and was completely sold! LOL  don’t you just love how they do that?  hubby has been around cats, and even rescued one where he works,  apparently they have quite the feral cat problem down at the office.  it became very apparent to me that even tho he described himself as a dog person, hubby also  has a very big heart.  🙂

the misses of the house, was sold on little Sophia.  Sophia in her arms cried for petting and if you quit, she would start crying again.  ironically, in the beginning, little Sophia was very shy and took long to warm up but has most certainly come out of her shell since being here at Planet Kitty.    i am sooo utterly happy to have them go to this new home!!!!  it fills good when it’s someone you know and know that u can trust!

the only bummer news to report today, is that little Aidan is limping.  he’s the one that got his foot all ensnarled in the wire pet cage, and i have to see that this is the first time i’ve noticed any limping since the incident.  it also felt like to me that he just didn’t overall feel very good today either, and it has me concerned, so i  will be keeping a close eye on him, and if we must, will make a trip this week to the vet to have him checked out if necessary.

little man Aidan

returning home from the vet yesterday, seemed to have really stressed Elliot out, but he’s alot calmer and more outgoing today.  course, having to apply cream to his bum 3 times a day i’m sure he just relishes that experience.  NOT! lol  he also seems so dang skinny but he’s “very siamese” and i think that has alot to do with it.  he was mr. popularity at the vet’s office.  the vet tech even wanted to take him and probably would of if it weren’t for the hubby at home that “don’t want another”.    we will continue with the cream application tho, and keep and eye on the little man.  and of course, Aidan’s foot as well.


miss Mena working the camera

 earlier today i got to play what i call “kitty claws” in delivering both kitties to the arms of their new families!  as with any transition with kittens, they were a bit scared but i know that both Mena and Millie would adjust quickly!  and the truly big treat was the fact that Mena’s new owner thinks she’ll be keeping the name!  both families have my contact number should they need anything, but i expect everything to go smoothly.  little Millie will be hitting the road with her new mom and dad, Amy and Jordan, to return to their homestate of Michigan for the holidays.  the couple thought about having me petsit her until they came back, but decided they wanted to take her along.  little Millie is most durable and i know she’ll make the trip fine!

 kinda quiet around here tho.  😦 lol  somehow just the pups doing the only ruff-housing ain’t enuff-used to be both pups and little kits going crazy! lol  MeMe is right now in the nursery eating, but even she’s been quiet tonight, sleeping up here on the computer desk rather than gettin’ crazy.  maybe it’s harder to get worked up without her siblings, but i know she’ll b fine too! 

miss Millie taking her turn at the camera

the one thing about these girls is that they loved the camera!  or maybe, it was that they were very interested in it and what on earth it did whenever i was shooting them.  they most certainly made for some beautiful pics!  i know that i’m going to miss them! 

mena helping my cat sherlock "straigten" things up

what??? (posing innocent for the camera lol)

it seems like there were here for sooo long and that it was sooo long ago that my dog found them in the backyard.  sometime in early november i’m thinking……

and of course, we can’t forget little milo!  (didn’t have my new camera to capture him darnit!)

milo and millie keepin' an eye on a toy


handsome milo (look how tiny when i first found them!)

Milo actually sitting still for 2.5 seconds lol

Millie peeking under the door to see what's making all the noise (dogs)

little Mena who was the smallest of the 3-until MeMe-and the most feral

sooo tiny!  and scared to death!  but how quickly they warmed up to me-well Mena took a few days longer but it wasn’t long before she went from growling and hissing at me to purring!  oh what treasures!  i’m so going to miss them!

fortunately, i have the pictures to treasure-even the bad ones lol, and i also will have their sister as a permanent member of my own little furry family.  MeMe.  who once again proved tonight that now that her sisters are all gone, her vocal chords are still quite capable of letting me know she will have nothing to do with having to stay in the nursery all by herself!

little miss MeMe giving me a look...she is now firmly planted-on her very own blanket no less-smack dab in front of the computer moniter here with me

do you mind?

that light is too bright for my sensitve eyes!!

due to not knowing at this point what’s going to happen with my house, we won’t be having anymore fosters here at Planet Kitty until we know for certain our fate. so the mackerels may be the last, but there may be some good news brewing with regards to the ol’ homestead,,,but that must keep for another post!

 and so we close here and say good-bye to the mackerels.  all but one that is!  live long and prosper little kittens!  you will always and forever remain in a corner of our hearts! 🙂