The Burns Clan

initially we were gonna call em the Great Scotts, but i prefer Burns.  these little tykes are claimed to be a mix of scottish fold.  the folks that handed them over, also had another girl in the litter but someone lay claim to her. just hope she got a really good home.  the one missing, allegedly has the folded ears.  regardless, the three that came in are pretty cute!  i posted a teaser last night, and while i meant to take more pics, i’ve been a bit under the weather today.  when they first got here, they was stinky of poop and pee so they got a bath.




despite initial hissing, i remained unscathed thru the entire process of bathing the three.  it is apparent that they haven’t been handled alot, and are a touch feral.  Jett exhibits this the most.  so far, Alban has warmed up the quickes to me, and Brigid is still a bit cool, but getting warmer.  Brigid has managed to rush the door when it opens twice now and has sent me on a wild goose chase.  not easy to do when u have at least 3 curious dogs and one dog in the way of you trying to pursue.  none of the critters would ever hurt her tho, and both times i eventually managed to nab her during a course of hissing.

Alban and Brigid have obiously been eating.  i’m not as certain about Jett.  he seems to have spent most of the day hiding in a small drawer in the vanity cubbard of the bathroom.  tonight i went in and got him, swaddled him in a warm blanket, and brought him out for awhile.  (that’s one of the suggestions made when reading up on socializing feral kitties).  at least this time the poor little man wasn’t shaking, and even tho he didn’t purr, he did start to fall asleep during my scratching of his neck, whiskers and head.

Jett earlier tonight

he still looks a bit stressed, but not nearly as wired as he was last night.  last night…if looks could kill! lol  still cracks me up looking at that picture.  well we shall continue to work on socializing this little man, and hopefully in a few more days i’ll have him purring.  that’s my goal!  and thank goodness, they smell ALOT better!!

The good the bad and the UGLY!

With soo much that animals give us, I couldn’t help but post a little about what’s going on out there in the world, both good and bad!


You see something like that, and then something like this happens:

And yet  sooo many places continue to condemn critters!!  Like here:!/album.php?aid=2059768&id=1078095162

However, it doesn’t seem to keep animals from having more faith in us despite what we do to them.  Like here:


I also give this as an example:

And then there are the times when they entertain us

( i love the expression on this pup’s face.  so patient!)

or the capacity they have to care for each other:

(notice it’s a pit bull which so many find to be such an awful breed.  ha!  NOT!)

And yet, we continue to abuse them, neglect them, and take them for granted:

And it’s not just cats and dogs, but all sorts of animals as in this video:

AND STILL despite abuse, animals are still capable of loving of humans!

even if the journey back to trusting us takes awhile:

Often people will ask “why bother with animals when the real concern should be humans?”  What so many refuse to connect here, is that animal abuse and neglect usually leads to human abuse or neglect.  I just read an article last night about someone who sexually molested 3 puppies and one that had passed due to this.  If you don’t think this same person has or will abuse some child or other human out there, you’re wrong.  Often times, they start with animal cruelty and work up to abusing children and people.!/photo.php?pid=90255&id=100001222719525

(rest in peace Charity!)

There is so little that we understand about animals and so much that we can learn from them.  It’s time for us to quit ignorring the abuse and neglect and give voice to those who despite our treatment of them, continue to love and give us so much!  From institutionalized cruelty and death at some alleged “rescues” to the kid on the street who gets a kick out of pulling a kitten’s tail.  The time is NOW to push for change!

(This blog is dedicated to the memory of Charity and all the other animals who have died due to our cruelty and lack of respect for the animal kingdom in general)