A Tail of a Kitten

the mews came from below the trailer i currently rented. it had been occurring periodically for a couple of days when i decided that i had better have it checked to make sure the owner of the voice wasn’t trapped.
there were two possibilities for entrance underneath, but for some reason exit wasn’t being made.
i had suspicions it was a kitten. the voice reminded me of Merry when she was a baby.
i began making calls to find someone to help with traps. a local TNR project answered the call, and came out first thing the next morning and set two traps.
i was absolutely certain the kitty was trapped. the mews were just so pitiful.
a while after the trap setting, i was headed out to run some errands. as i climbed into my car, something caught my eye. a flutter. something was in the trap!
it happened faster than i thought it would! i made my way over to lift up the trap and find a tiny little buff colored kitten! he was NOT happy to have me so up close and personal. he was quite scared!
i moved the trap indoors to my bathroom and opened it’s door. i still had errands to run, and i figured the time alone in the new quarters would do the little one good.

i wasn’t gone long.  i didn’t dare leave the kitten for long1  i was pretty sure the little one was a boy.  he had made his way out of the trap but was very scared.  i managed to use a blanket to cover him and pick him up.  a quick, very quick inspection of the undercarriage proved my theory: it was indeed a boy!

Grumpy Gus

Grumpy Gus

his expression was grumpy and i instantly bestowed him with the name grumpy gus.  his face was crusty and dirty, but overall he looked ok, albeit skinny.  he was also very feral.

more Gus

more Gus

i was given a challenge!

the TNR specialist came over with litter, kitten food, and a litter pan.  she put the pressure on for me to take him in.  she didn’t need to work so hard, i already had good intentions.  the little baby had been thru enuff.  i wasn’t going to put him thru more.

Gus has been with us since before Thanksgiving now.  he’s still living in the bathroom as socializing is going slow.  Charlotte is a big help, but as she’s older now, her patience runs thin with him,  i’m working on getting Emily her sister to take a shift or two.  he is also slowly warming up to me.  it was quite the triumph when i got the little guy to purr.  now if he just wasn’t afraid of toys and me moving.  we’ll get there.

stay tuned for more on Gus and his journey, as this is just the beginning! oh…and happy new year from all of us AND Gus!


Better to Bad

it’s amazing how quickly things can change. it was just the usual workday when I came back from lunch and soon began to notice pain in my left foot.

two days later, I was at work, NOT working, but staring down the store manager and two assistants refusing to let them bully me out of filing a workmen’s comp claim. one assistant made it perfectly clear “that I didn’t realize how my actions would impact everyone in the store”. the other assistant offered “diagnoses”while the store manager commented how I would be held responsible for the medical bills if it was determined not covered.

i went to “their” Dr who determined it was plantar fascitis, caused by walking all day on concrete floors of the store. i was released back to work with restrictions, but when i  called to inform them they said they “couldn’t make a special job just for you”. so there i was NOT working and now with NO income coming in.

three days later I received a call from the same assistant saying icould come back to work as “they had it figured out”. however no longer would i be getting 40 hours a week. i had to take what they gave me which was about 25 hours a week.  if I was lucky.

a paycheck followed that was only 250. i had the other half of my rent alone to still pay which was $350. this didn’t include the other expenses i had to pay such as gas and food for the furbabies.

i was in the final stages for a job in another town in southwestern colorado. they were checking my references and hopefully i would hear something in a few days.
unfortunately what i was to hear, was that they chose a different candidate.
i started scrambling, trying to find other work to do alongside my current job, but there were no easy fixes.

two days later i hit a new low. I had $9 in my account, little gas in my car, to get to and from work, and the cats were out of food again.

my kitties take a special diet, and with only $9 left in the account, i had to figure out how i was going to keep them fed with a paycheck that was pretty much already gone!

my kitties take a special diet, and with only $9 left in the account, i had to figure out how i was going to keep them fed with a paycheck that was pretty much already gone!

someone mentioned in passing during all this how it wasn’t the job that was meant for me.
i lost it. this struggle for me had been going on the last 5 years, and when you are down to your very last red cent, had been applying and TRYING to find something better and doing something better, those words were not a comfort.  especially considering the source had no idea what so many have been going thru these last few years.

in step a friend who offered us a temporary sanctuary.it meant relocating to southeastern colorado and starting over. it also meant me keeping what family i had left.  i thought about the offer while I was at work that night, and before my shift was over, i had given notice. I felt free.
but in order to get us to our new locale, i was going to have to pretty much sell everything as with all the furbabies being transported in the car, there was very little room for much else.

same model but this is in much better shape than mine

same model but this is in much better shape than mine

the good news is that selling everything would generate much needed money for our upcoming journey.  the bad news was i had to get everything sold, and quickly, and get everything out AND us all safely on the road by Tuesday, June 9!

i’m fortunate enuff that I don’t have a tremendous amount of stuff to sell what with the years of loosing one home, moving to another, etc etc. and actually we have stayed in this place we’re currently in almost 2 whole years which is a record for us!

the other good news is that where we’re moving to will help give some relief from my chronic fibromyalgia-the constant  rains we’ve been getting here in western colorado have done nothing to help my situation.  (fyi, we’re moving down south in the pueblo, colorado area)

the other good thing, is there are lots of jobs where we’re going, and history has proven that i have better luck landing something quickly in new locales than in this one were i’ve spent most of my life.

cost of living is also a heck of a lot more reasonable and we are hoping to be able to find something that suits are needs quickly.

but back to the case at hand.  one of the many things we need to sell, is my mom’s collection of cat figurines.  initially we had planned on doing this to raise funds for a rescue, but with our situation currently in hand, we are in dire need of some rescue $$ ourselves!  i make a “retail” income to begin with, and as you can see from up above, it’s going to be very tight what we’ll have to get us relocated to southern colorado.

hence the sale.  and a quick sale at that since we have a little over a week to a week and half to be out of here!

my mom's collection of cat magnets

my mom’s collection of cat magnets

so here’s hoping that you find something in the collection that tickles your kitty funny bone-something that you just HAVE to have, so that we have enuff gas money, and cat food and litter, to not only get us to our new home, but to keep us tied over in food and supplies, til I find a job!

oh and you will find the sale here! it’s happening on facebook…right now…go go! lol

Bethany’s Addiction

hopefully most of you are familiar with our blog mascot Bethany.  if not, this will surely give you more insight to our lovely mascot ….and her secret addiction(s).

it started years ago when i caught Bethany scoping out Luna the Fashion Kitty’s facebook page.  (because we don’t have permission to post one of Luna’s pics, we respectfully omit any pic of her here, but you can click on the link above and view Luna in all her gloriousness)

i didn’t think much about it until one day when i came home to this:


as we all know, the early teen years are crucial to a young girl’s development and confidence, so i made sure not to act shocked or mortified by Bethany’s appearance.

and when she requested her own card and a small monthly allowance, it didn’t phase me at all.   it’s not like she can drive or go hit the mall and the limit i set for her was small; thrifty.

then i came home to this:


at least she had given up on the make up phase!  (i call this her Maria Antoinette phase)

once again, i just chalked it all up to a “kitty trying to find herself”.  that was until i came home one day shortly after to this:


it was apparent that Bethany had a serious problem.  she had become a “shopaholic”. then came the credit card statements and the bills!  Bethany had somehow managed to get her credit limit raised, and i was left holding the repercussions in bills bills bills!   i took drastic action and took away her card, cut it up and threw it away.  i lectured her on the need to learn to control spending; the need to budget and that these days mom couldn’t afford giving her the lavish lifestyle she wanted.

at first it was difficult.  she was put under curfew and watched closely.  any needs, purchases or requests were all funneled thru me.  we discussed how “less is more” and that natural beauty was more appealing than fake. i never wanted to “reign her in” or limit her creativity.  it was just important for her to learn some self control and learn to do with less like the rest of us were.  eventually the lessons sunk in.

Bethany in her butterfly phase

Bethany in her butterfly phase

nowadays, Bethany expresses herself here or there….a simple butterfly costume around halloween….a bit of vamping it up around valentine’s of this year…..



i even indulged her with an occasional photo shoot!  and for xmas….she got her choice of her pic in a lovely pink scarf or pink hat!



she preferred the hat!

oh these young ladies of today.  what a challenge it is to raise them right!

*(this blog entry was in response to a recent post by I Have Cat, who talked about a new app that can be used to add makeup to pics of your kitties.  we found some of the responses to her post to be just plain silly.  it’s an app, not literal application of makeup to her kitties. lol)

**(Bethany was never forced to do anything she didn’t want to do for these pics.  force?  ha if we did anything she disliked, we would be torn to shreds! #diva.  Also, the makeup was done with photoshop, not actually applied to her face)

***lastly, we hope this post made you laugh! 🙂



A Word On Pet Food…

in previous posts, i spoke about the health issues, especially life threatening where Bethany was concerned, that 3 of my cats had that were amazingly improved after switching to I and Love and You.  (#IandLoveandYou).

with the recent issues concerning Beneful dog food, made by Purina, and the admission of Blue Buffalo, that they had been lying about their ingredients all along, i can’t stress more how important safe and healthy nutrition is for our pets!

Bethers after the worst of the infection had passed and was starting to clear up after change in diet.

Bethany after the worst of the infection had passed and was starting to clear up after change in diet.

i accidentally came upon I and Love and You while at my grocery store, and decided to try it because it was grain free.  my cats have now been on it since fall of 2014.  Sterling’s IBS diarrhea quit, Ashley’s stomatitis has tremendously improved, and the deep pyrodermas, fevers, and overall diagnosis of a compromised immune system for Bethany has completely disappeared.  other improvements: dry fur is a thing of the past along with dry skin.  none of my kitties have any of those “spots” anymore.  their fur feels better overall; much softer.  bad breath has been reduced, and my 16 year old Ashley is amazingly energetic and now a “handful” lol.


we need to emphasize  here, that I and Love and You does not intend for their food to be used for any prescription or medical purposes.  the results that i have had are not usual, and they highly recommend you consult your vet before making any diet changes.

we have also spoken on the phone with I and Love and You..of course, such a wonderful product is made here in Colorado and they also have dog food too!  we highly encourage you to give I and Love and You a try for your cat as well!  it can be found at several different grocery and pet supply chains.  you can find their website here: http://www.iandloveandyou.com/ for more specific information on where their food is carried in your area.  we also encourage you to call I and Love and You as well!  they love talking to customers, especially new ones, and they might even send you a coupon for your first purchase!  They can be reached at 855- ILY- LOVE.  give em a ring!

Almost 20 Signs that You’re Cat-centric!

these days, new terms are popping up all over not only the internet but society in general to replace the term “cat lady”  or “cat crazy” and the negative connotations that go with it.  we now have cat enthusiasts and cat guardians, as well as those who call themselves cat-centric.  the new terms also allow for the male cat lover populations to be included rather than remain in the dark! lol  here at Planet Kitty, we use the term cat centric.  here are also almost 20 signs that you may be cat-centric as well!

  1. you can not only hold a lengthy conversation with others about types of cat litter and cat litter boxes, but are completely baffled and irritated that it’s the 21st century and they STILL haven’t come up with a much better, easier, more convenient solution to the standard litterbox!

    modcat box

    modcat box

  2. you not only know who Jackson Galaxy, Luna the Fashion Kitty, Grumpy Cat, and the endless slew of other famous internet cat sensations are, but are completely SHOCKED when others DON’T know who they are!catdaddy
  3. you join in the conversation in the breakroom at work, sharing your cat stories when it suddenly dawns on you that everyone else is talking about their kids not cats.

    cat lady

    cat lady

  4. you can’t fall asleep without your furbabies, on, or around you when u go to bed.sleeping_with_cat
  5. you not only have given up the war on pet hair, you now coordinate your wardrobe to work WITH the pet hair.                  peoplecatdress
  6. you put off or delay chores, etc, because doing so would mean you would have to move the cat or cats from your lap to get up, wake up the cat or cats in order to vacuum, or inconvenience your cat or cats to do dishes, clean, etc.don't disturb!
  7. you have finally achieved the goal where you and your cat or cats schedule are in sync! (Just exactly who is the pet?)
  8. more and more of your wardrobe is cat themed and you can’t ever imagine it without your latest purchase! (shirts, pants, jewelry, shoes it’s all good!) catdress
  9. you turn down a date because you’d rather be home with your cat or cats!
  10. one of the top requirements on the list for a potential significant other is that they are approved of by your cat or cats.                           approved
  11. you’re on vacation, or out of town, even for just one overnight, and you miss you cat or cats, or are instantly homesick for them.
  12. you’re on vacation, out of town, etc, and you worry about the safety/health, etc. of your cat or cats.                                 misskitty
  13. you’re idea of a fantasy date would be going out to dinner with Jackson Galaxy to talk cat, rather than (enter latest famous hot guy’s name here).
  14. there are days, or situations, where you simply CANNOT understand people who are NOT Cat-centric!
  15. there’s more cat furniture and cat toys in your place then there is human furniture, and human toys (and yet you still wonder if kitty or kitties are getting enough stimulation, playtime, etc)                   catshouse
  16. you tried catnip-smoked it, baked it, etc to see if you could get “that high”. (Admit it! YOU DID!)                                          catnipcig
  17. you’re screen saver on your computer (home and work) as well as your tablet and phone are your cat or cats, along with said cell phone case being cat themed. cellphonecase
  18. and last but not least, you read this blog!

Can’t Catch a Break (it seems)!

(k this is the promised entry, now super late!)

starting with July

i had just started my “dream job” the beginning of July shortly before everything came tumbling down.  Over the holiday 7/4 weekend, i managed to get myself to the ER, in some serious pain, only to have my galbladder taken out a day or two later.  upon arriving home, and passing out for 16 hours, i woke to a very hungry fur crew and what would turn out to be one very sick kitten that i had taken in just the day before I started the job.

and here iam in the hospital, 07/14. can't believe i'm posting this!

and here iam in the hospital, 07/14. can’t believe i’m posting this!

while still in recovery myself, i managed to get the little dude into see a vet who dewormed him but nothing else, and so he returned a day or so later to be diagnosed with giardia; a very nasty intestinal bug.

Sterling Forrest

Sterling Forrest

i returned to work the following week-and actually probably should have waited another week but couldn’t afford it.  by wednesday, i was back at the ER being checked for whatever was causing my new discomfort.  fortunately it just turned out to be that i had way overdone it the day before.  i returned to work the following day, only to be told that the person i had replaced had called for her job back and the management had decided to give it back to her; in short i now had no job!  the sent me packing with a small severance check.

so there i was without a job, a sick kitten, and 5 other cats and one dog to feed with no idea how a roof was going to be kept over all our heads because unemployment had run out just before i had started the new job, and there was no recourse,. no savings, no unemplyment or anything to fall back on.

somehow, i managed, last minute, to land a job with a local retailer.  i had worked for them before, and so i was a shoe in for rehire.  i had sent out resumes right and left, but wasn’t having any luck, and as it was,  i needed to find something fast as what little money i had was disappearing.  ironically, tho, it took almost a month for the background check to come back before i could actually start work.  during that time, not only did little Sterling NOT get better, but the giarrdia bacteria had spread to all the other cats as well.  now not only did i have one sick kitty, but 5 more on top of it!

we tried liquid meds, we changed to pill form.  nothing was conquering it af first.  if i wasn’t shooting meds down a cat’s throat, i was calling the company that was hired to run the background check on me trying to get the issues that arose with it straightened out!

by august 20th, everything had FINALLY been cleared up where my background check was concerned, and i was able to start work.  we had finally been given the all clear on the giarrdia.  everyone seemed happy and fine.  well…so it seemed.  …suddenly a black spot appeared on my cat Bethany’s face.

spot on Bethany's nose

spot on Bethany’s nose

Bethany is an albino kitty, a real albino, (and also the present day mascot of Planet Kitty).  she’s of Siamese descent, the albino gene runs in siamese DNA, and came to me because no one else would adopt her as she could never be an outside kitty. Bethany had never really had any health problems whatsoever.  it wasn’t long after the first black spot appeared, that more followed, and pretty soon there were great big black patches on her ears.  along with it, came a huge drop in Bethany’s energy levels.  not only was she sleeping alot, but her usual bouts of play as well as interest in play disappeared.

Bethany is not a senior kitty, she’s only about 6 years old, and for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out what was going on.  initially i thought it was a ringworm outbreak.  but when over the counter medication, which usually takes care of the problem, wasn’t working.  i knew that a trip to the vet was the only answer.

a pic of her first major sore  which later would turn partially black and spread on her ears and face.

a pic of her first major sore which later would turn partially black and spread on her ears and face.

opinions from two different vets later, Bethany was sick, her ears covered in crusty/black masses, running low fevers and showing not much interest in anything. the 2nd vet’s diagnosis was a bit more reasonable and taking things step by step compared to the first.  Bethany was preliminarily diagnosed with an auto immune problem which can occur in the true albino cat.

the vet put her on antibiotics. long term.  the antibiotics killed the low fever and started to clear up the spots, but the battle was with trying to get the pills down Bethany.  doses would go missed from her hiding from me, not wanting to take the med.  i continued my attempts with medication, and would manage to get pills down her only to miss other doses.  it was extremely frustrating!

meanwhile, Sterling again was exhibiting  runny diarrhea despite everyone else having gotten over the giarrdia.  between him and Bethany AND starting a new job that had me on my feet about 100% more then what i was used to was exhausting!

i finally decided to try switching food where Sterling was concerned to see if that would help with his diarrhea.  a couple of brands were tried, but overall success was found with the colorado made, “I and Love and You” chicken mix nude food!  the exciting part was not only did it rid Sterling of his diarrhea, but it also led to Bethany’s clearing up of her deep pyrodermas (crusty/black patches on ears, face, etc.) AND a tremendous reduction in my senior Ashley’s stomatitis symptoms!  I was elated!!  (more on the food changes in a future entry).

Bethers after the worst of the infection had passed and was starting to clear up after change in diet.

“Bethers” after the worst of the infection had passed and was starting to clear up after change in diet.

just when things had started to settle into a routine and calm down as far as the fur crew, i received a call on my  phone november 30. i was still asleep and let it go to voicemail.  i took my time waking up and calling back my sister, from whom the voicemail was from.  she informed me that our father had passed away earlier at about 2am from pretty much a common stomach flu.  my father had been in hospice, and had been deteriorating for some time.  he could no longer walk or control alot of his basic bodily functions.  emphysema. arthritis and other ailments had taken a toll on his body, and we knew that this was inevitably coming, but it was still a shock to hear.

i tried to go into work that day, but found i couldn’t.  a week later we held the memorial service for him, which i found quite helpful, but it all would still take time to fully process and i still find tears coming to my eyes talking about him.  what was truly amazing was the number of people who showed up at his service from the care facility where he lived out his remaining days.  he was a tremendous favorite of the staff, and it never ceased to amaze he how agreeable he was with them and yet barking at me about not wanting to do something, while agreeing to do the same thing for a staff member lol.

needless to say he did love animals, and altho he might now admit to it, loved cats too. of him and mom, he really took to caring for Pickles the therapy cat that took up residence in her room.  they provided him with her food so he could feed her and she slept with both him and mom as well. and if anything, he over attended to her needs as Pickles had a bit of a weight problem.

it’s true what they say about only remembering the best of your parents when they go, altho i feel that it’s been that way for me for quite some time now.  i had put to rest my issues with my dad and had accepted him as he was.

my dad..cowboying it up even when he could no longer walk.

my dad..cowboying it up even when he could no longer walk.

and of course things didn’t settle down…i wound up back at the ER beginning of December with more pain in the same area where my gallbladder used to be.  they ran all sorts of tests but couldn’t find anything substantial.  i would wind up there a second time with more pain, dizziness, nausea and at times almost fainting in february 2015.  this time i was referred to a GI specialist and finally got in to see the last week.  of course they still aren’t sure what’s going on.  it could be a number of things from bacterial to stomach acid creating ulcers in upper intestinal track or even colon cancer or ovarian cancer.  I’m being “scoped”, both ends on April 14.  i sincerely doubt that it’s any kind of cancer as well.

and that catches us up to now.  everything is going pretty well with the fur crew, and my plans are for it to stay that way!

After Surgery

the hospital kept me overnight because i had no one to drive me home and they refused to allow me to drive myself home.  for the mostpart, i was pretty out of it and a friend or two came by to check on me as well as my sister calling to check in, but for the mostpart, i was out of it.

the person who had Shyler kept her overnight, and the cats had food, so i felt safe spending the night, but knew i had to get home the next day.

i didn’t sleep the greatest thru the night, and they also were constantly in and out of my room to check on me, give me meds, check vitals, etc.  they also decided that the IV in my right arm was leaking and a total bust, and that i needed a new one in my left arm.  there was to be a big challenge in finding a spot on my left arm, and it wasn’t long before my left arm was beginning to look like a pin cushion!  the first nurse, who was unable to find a vein to tap, had asked for the assistance of a more experienced nurse.  she had about 4 different spots “tapped” before i finally said something about feeling a bit like a pin cushion.  she finally tried one of the taps and said it would work.  then began taking the others out of my arm.  pretty soon i had blood dripping from three other spots!  what a mess!  fortunately i didn’t bleed out.  haha.


finally i feel asleep only to be wakened up at about 7am for more medications, checks, etc. and to eat something.  they also wanted me to “do a lap” around the nurse’s station before having me check out.  feeling like had been hit by a bus, progress towards checkout was very slow.  the nurse asked me why i was so hesitant to go home.  it wasn’t that i was hesitant, it was that i felt like crap and was basically only able to operate on one very slow speed!

getting dressed wasn’t a challenge.  walking the entire hallway was!  i went a bit of a ways and came back, all of it taking about 10 minutes.  apparently that was good enuff as they set my checkout time noon.  once again, the issue of me driving came up, so they arranged for a cab to take me home, with a quit stop by the market so i could pick up my prescriptions that i would need for pain.  noon arrived but the cab was no where.  meanwhile i was collapsed on the couch in my room while i waited.

about two  hours later, i was paged for my cab.  they thought i would be able to walk out of the hospital.  ha!  it took a wheelchair to get me down to the entry! (effects of anesthesia).

upon arriving at the entrance, the cab was present but the driver wasn’t, and it was super super hot outside which added to my discomfort.  the nurse left to go find the drive and left me roasting in the wheelchair.  ugh!  finally the drive was found and slowly made my way from the wheelchair into the cab which was blistering hot, with useless AC blasting.  talking took effort but the cabby was determined.  i mostly listened and made a phew verbal cues here and then.  suddenly his cell phone rings and he whips the cab around to go pick up some previous customers.  you have got to be kidding??!!!!  seriously??  i grit my teeth and prayed i wouldn’t pass out.

we drove back across town and picked up two older gals who had been getting their nails done.  they chit chatted with the cabby while i managed to keep from passing out.  the two ladies were dropped at the train station, and we proceeded once again to head out of town.

traffic was a pain, remnants of the 4th of July holiday weekend, and the heat was brutal. and i still was going to have to make my way into the store for my scripts and back to the cab again.



we pulled into the parking lot of the store where i was to pick-up my scripts.  i was planning to get out smack dab right in front of th entrance of the store, but the cabby had other plans.  “oh no let me pull around here and pull up better for you”, he said.  his idea of better was about almost the length of the store away!!!  you have got to be kidding me? ?!! i got out and slowly paced my way into the entrance of the store where i leaned up against some sales display.  i was seriously worried i was going to fall to the ground.  store clerks looked at me and people passed by me in and out; on their way.  i took a few deep breaths and headed for the pharmacy.  i kept my eyes on the counter where i would next clean for support.  and of course, someone walked up before me so i had to hang on in line.  wtf??!!  fortunately the peeps before me were quick!  i got my script and faced the ordeal of getting back out of the store.

now i dunno how many of you have experienced recovery from anesthesia.  i’m sure alot have.  what they DON’T tell u in the hospital is how long it can really take.  they just want to get u up and movin’ around as quick as possible to keep from any problems like pneumonia setting in.  understandable.  i get it, but couldn’t they have been a little bit more realistic about recovery?

i measured my distance and set out for the sales display i had previously leaned on.  this time, there was no way i was going to make it back to the car.  my plan was to flag him down and get him to pull up to the front.  outside, i began waving like a lunatic, albeit a very weak one.  he spotted me and finally pulled forward.  back into the very hot little cab i went and headed for home.

we were only about 5 minutes away from my home.  but i also had to conquer getting from the car, UP the stairs, unlock the door, and into my house.

what seemed like an eternity, but was really only about 10 minutes, we finally pulled up to my place.  i had a purse with me, which felt like it weighed a 100lbs and another journey before me.  a journey i totally took for granted and walked daily several times without thinking prior to surgery; that from my driveway thru the gate and across the yard, up the steps and thru my door.



the cab pulled out of my driveway as i slowly began heading for my front door.  i made it to the steps of my deck and sat down on the step.  it was so dang hot out!!  a good 10 minutes later, and i stood up and literally pulled myself up the steps by the railing and to the front door.  i couldn’t set my 100 lb purse down because i was afraid i wouldn’t be able to pick it back up!  so i struggled searching for keys and upon finally found them, fumbled them into the door’s lock.  the door then opened!  i was home!

none of the animals. other then my dog Shyler, came to the door and greeted me.  it was very hot inside, and any kitties visible, were passed out, napping.  i closed the door, dropped my purse, and made my way to the couch where i passed out for several hours; Shyler lying on the floor by my side!

big surprises were in store for me when i woke up!