A Kiss Good Night

it’s been awhile since i’ve written, and partly in due to the fact that Planet Kitty lost our resident senior diva Ashley.

Ashley was over 16 years when she passed, more like 16 and a half, and if you think about it, 16 years is a long time.  i got Ashley when i was 33, a home owner, and resident of a completely different town and job.  i adopted her in hopes she would become the best bud of my kitty Eli, as Eli was constantly torturing two other cats, senior cats, i had living with me, Lizzy and my mom’s cat Cinder.

Ashley did become Eli’s bud, but what developed was Eli teaching Ashley all his bad habits and then Ashley teasing the two senior kitties as well.  as you can see by the following pic, Eli and Ashley were close. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


in appearance, they couldn’t be more different, but they sure were close.  Eli was a wild child, but for the most part, Ashley was alot more calm.  she wasn’t a cuddler, but always slept by my head.  she liked my lap when it was her idea, and was a total “hand addict” when it came to being petted.  in her older days, she developed the habit of bopping, gently, someone on the head if they were lying down and wanted petting.

Ashley was a smart kitty who loved her toys.  particularly micies with rattles inside of them.  she could spend hours having me toss them and her fetching them.  her favorite thing to do was to go thru my purse when i came home to see if i’d gotten her any more micies too!

Ashley was also quite the vocalist as well. she even was featured front and center on my answering machine back in the good ol’ days when people used em! at about the age of 12, Ashley developed really bad stomatitis.  it would be a chronic,  painful problem that dogged her even after most all of her teeth were removed in 2014.  there were times when she just couldn’t stand to eat, and her weight dropped from around 11 lbs to 8.  old age also caught up with her as well with her muscles atrophying and issues with her GI.

despite her age and troubles, she always kept her position as diva.  even with the dogs.  no one dared give Ashley any ‘tude!  She was the ‘tude! lol as you can see in this pic.  it also didn’t take much for her to get irritated, either lol and she was a master at the dirty look! course there was nothing that a few pets and a good scratch couldn’t fix, and she would then again be purring.


as she grew older, Ashley became more of a mama’s girl.  she would take advantage of my lap whenever she could, and always took her spot at the top of my bed next to my head.

in later years, she would kiss me in greeting when i got home, but also often would do the same at night after i was tucked in.  sometimes on the lips, sometimes on my forehead.

Ashley below weeks before she had to be gently put to sleep

WP_20160330_20_43_23_Pro (2)

i’m sure of everyone i miss her the most, what with them constantly having to deal with her diva ‘tude, but you could definitely feel the change once she was gone.  there was a definitely space, that eventually was slowly filled in by the rest of the animals here at Planet Kitty.

she was running a high fever, severely dehydrated to the point she couldn’t pass stool, and had ruptured tumors on her chest.  it was apparent she was suffering and yet despite this, she still gave the vet ‘tude as he was examining her.  we talked sub q fluids, but i knew Ashley wouldn’t go for it.  i felt in my bones she was suffering and couldn’t bare the thought of the cancer continuing to ravage her.  i knew it was time.  she let me hold her and talk to her, and the relaxant they gave her put her more at easy.  she gently slipped away, and i knew she was finally at peace.

i know she’s over there, across the bridge they say, her youth returned and hanging with Eli; playing and giving other animals, both human and other, ‘tude.  these two images below is how i can see them together; Ashley and Eli and it will forever make me smile. eliash









15 thoughts on “A Kiss Good Night

  1. Oh dear- I am so very sorry for your loss- you gave that baby the best life tou could’ve, and for that, she was grateful and happy. God bless you and your family!
    The Tozser Furry’s
    Aka Ladybug, Joplin, Noodles, and Gypsy Girl…

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