Grumpy Gus’s Big Journey to the Vet

it was another day of firsts for Gus. first time in a carrier. first time in a car. first time outdoors since his gotcha! day. and his first trip to the vet. it was a bit overdue as i originally meant to get him there about a week and a half sooner, but life got in the way and so it was this day instead. he had been having diarrhea over the weekend and i was concerned. he was also off his food. so i got him in asap that monday.


for being a tiny little feral kitty shoved into the big world of humans, he did pretty good. no crying. not when they took blood and not when they took a stool sample. he let me hold him willingly and would slink to the back of the crate whenever he could.

the stool sample came back negative. and his snap test for FeLV/FIV was negative too.


he had been having crud continuously collect in his eyes, despite my cleaning and so i was also concerned with an URI. meds were prescribed, (and by the next day the diarrhea had already cleared up) and we were sent on our way.

the vet said to keep him isolated for a good period of time, and to get some weight on him. she also said it would help with socialization too. she estimated him to be about 7 weeks and confirmed he indeed was male as well.

he was such a good baby kitty tho!! and when we got home he purred! in the safety of the bathroom of course!


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