Better to Bad

it’s amazing how quickly things can change. it was just the usual workday when I came back from lunch and soon began to notice pain in my left foot.

two days later, I was at work, NOT working, but staring down the store manager and two assistants refusing to let them bully me out of filing a workmen’s comp claim. one assistant made it perfectly clear “that I didn’t realize how my actions would impact everyone in the store”. the other assistant offered “diagnoses”while the store manager commented how I would be held responsible for the medical bills if it was determined not covered.

i went to “their” Dr who determined it was plantar fascitis, caused by walking all day on concrete floors of the store. i was released back to work with restrictions, but when i  called to inform them they said they “couldn’t make a special job just for you”. so there i was NOT working and now with NO income coming in.

three days later I received a call from the same assistant saying icould come back to work as “they had it figured out”. however no longer would i be getting 40 hours a week. i had to take what they gave me which was about 25 hours a week.  if I was lucky.

a paycheck followed that was only 250. i had the other half of my rent alone to still pay which was $350. this didn’t include the other expenses i had to pay such as gas and food for the furbabies.

i was in the final stages for a job in another town in southwestern colorado. they were checking my references and hopefully i would hear something in a few days.
unfortunately what i was to hear, was that they chose a different candidate.
i started scrambling, trying to find other work to do alongside my current job, but there were no easy fixes.

two days later i hit a new low. I had $9 in my account, little gas in my car, to get to and from work, and the cats were out of food again.

my kitties take a special diet, and with only $9 left in the account, i had to figure out how i was going to keep them fed with a paycheck that was pretty much already gone!

my kitties take a special diet, and with only $9 left in the account, i had to figure out how i was going to keep them fed with a paycheck that was pretty much already gone!

someone mentioned in passing during all this how it wasn’t the job that was meant for me.
i lost it. this struggle for me had been going on the last 5 years, and when you are down to your very last red cent, had been applying and TRYING to find something better and doing something better, those words were not a comfort.  especially considering the source had no idea what so many have been going thru these last few years.

in step a friend who offered us a temporary meant relocating to southeastern colorado and starting over. it also meant me keeping what family i had left.  i thought about the offer while I was at work that night, and before my shift was over, i had given notice. I felt free.
but in order to get us to our new locale, i was going to have to pretty much sell everything as with all the furbabies being transported in the car, there was very little room for much else.

same model but this is in much better shape than mine

same model but this is in much better shape than mine

the good news is that selling everything would generate much needed money for our upcoming journey.  the bad news was i had to get everything sold, and quickly, and get everything out AND us all safely on the road by Tuesday, June 9!

i’m fortunate enuff that I don’t have a tremendous amount of stuff to sell what with the years of loosing one home, moving to another, etc etc. and actually we have stayed in this place we’re currently in almost 2 whole years which is a record for us!

the other good news is that where we’re moving to will help give some relief from my chronic fibromyalgia-the constant  rains we’ve been getting here in western colorado have done nothing to help my situation.  (fyi, we’re moving down south in the pueblo, colorado area)

the other good thing, is there are lots of jobs where we’re going, and history has proven that i have better luck landing something quickly in new locales than in this one were i’ve spent most of my life.

cost of living is also a heck of a lot more reasonable and we are hoping to be able to find something that suits are needs quickly.

but back to the case at hand.  one of the many things we need to sell, is my mom’s collection of cat figurines.  initially we had planned on doing this to raise funds for a rescue, but with our situation currently in hand, we are in dire need of some rescue $$ ourselves!  i make a “retail” income to begin with, and as you can see from up above, it’s going to be very tight what we’ll have to get us relocated to southern colorado.

hence the sale.  and a quick sale at that since we have a little over a week to a week and half to be out of here!

my mom's collection of cat magnets

my mom’s collection of cat magnets

so here’s hoping that you find something in the collection that tickles your kitty funny bone-something that you just HAVE to have, so that we have enuff gas money, and cat food and litter, to not only get us to our new home, but to keep us tied over in food and supplies, til I find a job!

oh and you will find the sale here! it’s happening on facebook…right now…go go! lol

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