After Surgery

the hospital kept me overnight because i had no one to drive me home and they refused to allow me to drive myself home.  for the mostpart, i was pretty out of it and a friend or two came by to check on me as well as my sister calling to check in, but for the mostpart, i was out of it.

the person who had Shyler kept her overnight, and the cats had food, so i felt safe spending the night, but knew i had to get home the next day.

i didn’t sleep the greatest thru the night, and they also were constantly in and out of my room to check on me, give me meds, check vitals, etc.  they also decided that the IV in my right arm was leaking and a total bust, and that i needed a new one in my left arm.  there was to be a big challenge in finding a spot on my left arm, and it wasn’t long before my left arm was beginning to look like a pin cushion!  the first nurse, who was unable to find a vein to tap, had asked for the assistance of a more experienced nurse.  she had about 4 different spots “tapped” before i finally said something about feeling a bit like a pin cushion.  she finally tried one of the taps and said it would work.  then began taking the others out of my arm.  pretty soon i had blood dripping from three other spots!  what a mess!  fortunately i didn’t bleed out.  haha.


finally i feel asleep only to be wakened up at about 7am for more medications, checks, etc. and to eat something.  they also wanted me to “do a lap” around the nurse’s station before having me check out.  feeling like had been hit by a bus, progress towards checkout was very slow.  the nurse asked me why i was so hesitant to go home.  it wasn’t that i was hesitant, it was that i felt like crap and was basically only able to operate on one very slow speed!

getting dressed wasn’t a challenge.  walking the entire hallway was!  i went a bit of a ways and came back, all of it taking about 10 minutes.  apparently that was good enuff as they set my checkout time noon.  once again, the issue of me driving came up, so they arranged for a cab to take me home, with a quit stop by the market so i could pick up my prescriptions that i would need for pain.  noon arrived but the cab was no where.  meanwhile i was collapsed on the couch in my room while i waited.

about two  hours later, i was paged for my cab.  they thought i would be able to walk out of the hospital.  ha!  it took a wheelchair to get me down to the entry! (effects of anesthesia).

upon arriving at the entrance, the cab was present but the driver wasn’t, and it was super super hot outside which added to my discomfort.  the nurse left to go find the drive and left me roasting in the wheelchair.  ugh!  finally the drive was found and slowly made my way from the wheelchair into the cab which was blistering hot, with useless AC blasting.  talking took effort but the cabby was determined.  i mostly listened and made a phew verbal cues here and then.  suddenly his cell phone rings and he whips the cab around to go pick up some previous customers.  you have got to be kidding??!!!!  seriously??  i grit my teeth and prayed i wouldn’t pass out.

we drove back across town and picked up two older gals who had been getting their nails done.  they chit chatted with the cabby while i managed to keep from passing out.  the two ladies were dropped at the train station, and we proceeded once again to head out of town.

traffic was a pain, remnants of the 4th of July holiday weekend, and the heat was brutal. and i still was going to have to make my way into the store for my scripts and back to the cab again.



we pulled into the parking lot of the store where i was to pick-up my scripts.  i was planning to get out smack dab right in front of th entrance of the store, but the cabby had other plans.  “oh no let me pull around here and pull up better for you”, he said.  his idea of better was about almost the length of the store away!!!  you have got to be kidding me? ?!! i got out and slowly paced my way into the entrance of the store where i leaned up against some sales display.  i was seriously worried i was going to fall to the ground.  store clerks looked at me and people passed by me in and out; on their way.  i took a few deep breaths and headed for the pharmacy.  i kept my eyes on the counter where i would next clean for support.  and of course, someone walked up before me so i had to hang on in line.  wtf??!!  fortunately the peeps before me were quick!  i got my script and faced the ordeal of getting back out of the store.

now i dunno how many of you have experienced recovery from anesthesia.  i’m sure alot have.  what they DON’T tell u in the hospital is how long it can really take.  they just want to get u up and movin’ around as quick as possible to keep from any problems like pneumonia setting in.  understandable.  i get it, but couldn’t they have been a little bit more realistic about recovery?

i measured my distance and set out for the sales display i had previously leaned on.  this time, there was no way i was going to make it back to the car.  my plan was to flag him down and get him to pull up to the front.  outside, i began waving like a lunatic, albeit a very weak one.  he spotted me and finally pulled forward.  back into the very hot little cab i went and headed for home.

we were only about 5 minutes away from my home.  but i also had to conquer getting from the car, UP the stairs, unlock the door, and into my house.

what seemed like an eternity, but was really only about 10 minutes, we finally pulled up to my place.  i had a purse with me, which felt like it weighed a 100lbs and another journey before me.  a journey i totally took for granted and walked daily several times without thinking prior to surgery; that from my driveway thru the gate and across the yard, up the steps and thru my door.



the cab pulled out of my driveway as i slowly began heading for my front door.  i made it to the steps of my deck and sat down on the step.  it was so dang hot out!!  a good 10 minutes later, and i stood up and literally pulled myself up the steps by the railing and to the front door.  i couldn’t set my 100 lb purse down because i was afraid i wouldn’t be able to pick it back up!  so i struggled searching for keys and upon finally found them, fumbled them into the door’s lock.  the door then opened!  i was home!

none of the animals. other then my dog Shyler, came to the door and greeted me.  it was very hot inside, and any kitties visible, were passed out, napping.  i closed the door, dropped my purse, and made my way to the couch where i passed out for several hours; Shyler lying on the floor by my side!

big surprises were in store for me when i woke up!



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