A Month of Challenges

i’ll be honest.  July sucked.  and i mean, it really sucked.  it started off right with me finally getting what was supposed to be an awesome career focused job.  i started right before the big 4th of july weekend.  i only worked two days, and had a 3 day weekend to rest up and get ready for the following busy week that was going to come up.


unfortunately my gallbladder had other plans.  i woke up saturday morning of july 5th at about 4 am with a terrible belly ache.  i rolled over and managed to fall back to sleep thinking it would just work itself out.  by 6am, i was fully awake and in big pain.  i kept thinking i just needed to give it time to work itself out.  i felt tremendously bloated, and like someone had shoved two or three steel rods from left to right just below my rib cage.  walking and moving were a challenge, but i managed to take a shower, get dressed and get over to the grocery store to get some alka seltzer thinking that would resolve the problem.  i jugged a freshly purchased bottle of water with the fizzies dropped in it on the short drive back home, only to not have it really help.  what the heck was going on?

i kept breaking out in sweats and then chills.  i would try going to the bathroom, but nothing was happening in that direction.  it didn’t feel like a bug, and the pain was excruciating.  i was supposed to be heading to my friend’s shop to update the jewelry i had for sale there.  by about 10am, i was calling her explaining i think i needed to go to the ER and get checked.  she offered to drive me but if figured i’d be fine driving myself, after all i had gotten myself to the store and back?

Shyler.  resident doggy or "goggy" as we say at Planet Kitty.

Shyler. resident doggy or “goggy” as we say at Planet Kitty.

i secured Shyler, my pup, who likes to “run amuck” and cause disasters when i’m not here, and hopped in the car thinking i would be home later that day.  the hospital i was headed for, was about 15 miles or so away.  I managed to drive about 11 of those miles, before pulling off the highway and callling 911 on my cell phone.  they came and got me and rolled me into the ER.

they tried morphine several times to kill the pain, but it just wasn’t working.  i kept paging the nurse asking for them to do something for the pain.  the “bed” i was on wasn’t comfortable either.  eventually they got around to doing an ultrasound of my belly to find alot of gall stones.  shortly after that, they told me i was going to admitted and they  hit me up with a bigger and better pain killer, and when i awoke, it was later saturday.  they informed me they would be doing surgery in the morning to remove was was a very irritated, inflamed, and full of stones gall bladder.

what about my pets?  oh not again!! and this time Shyler was by herself and would be left inside with no relief whatsoever!!  i got on my phone and got on facebook and put out a call for help.  luckily, this time i was on the opposite side of the canyon where i used to live and had lots of contacts that could possibly help!  sure enuff, Cielle Blanda of Graceland Animal Rescue knew someone close to me who would come feed the cats and take Shyler for awhile.  Phew!! (you can find Graceland here  www.facebook.com/gracelandanimalrescue and here www.gracelandanimalrescue.org).

and god forgive me, but i don’t remember the name of the lady who came and cared for the kitties, (she even came to the hospital to pick up money for cat food and going and getting some) and took Shyler under her wing for a day or so-she did fine in the new company of various new friend dogs, and keeping her until sunday evening as I was to be home come monday afternoon.

sunday morning came and my surgery got delayed because i drank some water thru the night.  sigh.  about noon they finally came and got me and rolled me into the surgery room.  quickly i was out and next thing was in the recovery room trying to wake up.  (didn’t care much for the gal there who kept buggin’ me to wake up lol)  soon i was back in my room with the surgeon following shortly after to tell me it was quite a feat getting my nasty gallbladder out.  i asked if he thought i would be able to go back to work wednesday.  he said maybe, but i very quickly discovered that that wasn’t going to happen!



(gallbladder with stones)

i received updates on my animals via facebook and peeps commented their support as well.  thank goodness for cell phones!  Shyler was find, and for the mostpart, the cats good too, but they would have their own challenges, which i would discover upon arriving home.

Stay tuned for the next part of my story!

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