Meet Senior Kitty Princess Patch!


the following was written and contributed by Adrian & Malcom, along with pictures, who resides in Belfast, Northern Ireland with their kitty Princess Patch.

our beautiful calico furbaby Princess Patch was born in our home 20 years ago on March 1st.   she was the most energetic, adventurous cat and loved her time outdoors.  unfortunately that period of her life ended about two years ago when she began losing her eyesight.  she also had to have most of her teeth removed around the same time.  that said, she has adjusted pretty well and is find her way around the house without being able to see.
she spends most of her time curled up on our bed with her collection of old envelopes, yes, that’s right,her favorite toys are envelopes!  She loves the sound they make and rubs her cheek on the corners.  her other favorite spot is one of our underwear drawers, or what used t be our underwear drawer! she moved in over a year ago and won’t give it up.  when we come home from work each day she’ll cry and cry for attention.
once she’s got our attention she hops straight into her drawer for chin and belly rubs.  she has the deepest, loudest purr.
we love our Patch to pieces and even though she’s an oldster she’s still our baby!

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