ahhh the kitten season is upon us!!  a friend took in a stray awhile ago-he does and has always liked cats- but had know idea that the reason she was “putting on weight” was because miss kitty had gone and gotten knocked up!  apparently last night kitty began crying and showing distress. he thought she was “having a heart attack or something” when the first of four kittens popped out! lol

not having a clue about kittens, he posted this pic online looking for homes for them.  he had no idea that they needed to wait until they were 8 weeks old.  i told him about the 8 weeks, but he said he couldn’t watch them for 8 weeks cause he works, and i then told him mama kitty will handle it just make sure to provide her n the babies with a safe warm place, lots of food water and a litterbox and to make sure NOT to let her go out until after the kittens are 8 weeks and she’s been spayed.

the friend was in an absolute panic but got him settled down and being proactive and wanting to get ahead of the wave of kitten season, these babies are already being advertised in order to get the word out and to get homes pre-vetted so once they’re 8 weeks, homes are found already found and new families can just pick up kittens.  we are also hoping to have them spayed/neutered before they go to their new forever homes.

it also looks like we may already have found a home for one!!  yeah!!  and my friend has fully recovered from his panicked state of mind!  men!  ..*sigh

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