Meet Senior Kitties Pump and Marmalade!




meet Pumpkin and Marmalade, ages 15 & 16!!  (WOW!)  lemme just say i hope i look that good when i’m their age! lol

this is what their mom had to say about them:

i adopted Pumpkin from the humane society when she was around 2 back in November of 2000. her and Marmalade have never gotten along much but they all loved their brother Whiskers, who passed away 5 yrs ago. she’s definitely my dad’s cat and loves him more than anything. i got Marmalade in the summer of ’97 when I was 9. she was a tiny sickly kitty in a box of free kittens. she’s my best friend and my soul mate. she’s constantly purring and always wants love (and food).

Marmalade with her mom

Marmalade with her mom

mom is miss christina hampton. and she dotes on her baby who is the oldest of the two kitties.



christina also adds:

Pumpkin likes to lick plastic bags, and around 5 or 6 in the morning she goes nuts and starts running up and down the hall and meowing. She also loves milk.




Marmalade loves her belly rubbed and is obsessed with corn husks and tortilla chips. she also drinks her water with her paw, and loves playing in her water dish too.

i’m betting Marmalade loves naps too with that yawn she’s workin’!

i’d like to thank you miss christina for sharing your to beautiful kittes with us!!  it appears to us they couldn’t be happier in their senior years!!


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