i think i have finally found the one toy that will get Emily and Charlotte to play and allow me to take pictures of them while they are playing.  these little mice toys have rattles in them, and they just can’t seem to resist!!  they just can’t seem to help themselves.  the both of them,( usually it’s mostly Emily), go completely bonkers over the thing!!  usually they won’t show a whole lot of response to a toy if i’m in the room, unless they think i’m asleep, and if i have a camera with me, forget it!!  without me in the room, there’s even thuds, noises and banging, but enter the room, and all is silent….

i swear they even have a conversation about it when i go into the room.
WP_20131206_004Charlotte:  put the toy down Emily.  mom’s here!!

Emily:  she is?!! OK!

Charlotte:  she’s got that dang flashing thing again that she puts in our face

Emily:  that thing is so obnoxious!

Charlotte:  quick!  take naps!!

…and i’m left frustrated and without accomplishing the mission.

with the zanies tho, i imagine it’s only time!!  I can just hear them….

Charlotte:  Emily quit playing with that…that fantastic green mouse!  she’s gonna go get that thing!! you’re getting out of control!

Emily:  but i just…i just can’t help myself!! it’s so  FUN!!  the noise it makes…i just can’t help myself!

Charlotte:  but she can see your enjoyment!! it’s only a matter of time before…..dang…..i can’t help myself.  i LOVE THIS TOY!!

Emily:  make it fly!  i’ll catch it!!

Charlotte:  but she’s watching us…but i just can’t help myself!  i HAVE to get it!!

Emily:  not if i get it first!!

yes.  it is only a matter a time before i have evidence!! hopefully a video even.

and zanies?  product tested and approved by ALL! lol


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