Meet Senior Kitty Princess Patch!


the following was written and contributed by Adrian & Malcom, along with pictures, who resides in Belfast, Northern Ireland with their kitty Princess Patch.

our beautiful calico furbaby Princess Patch was born in our home 20 years ago on March 1st.   she was the most energetic, adventurous cat and loved her time outdoors.  unfortunately that period of her life ended about two years ago when she began losing her eyesight.  she also had to have most of her teeth removed around the same time.  that said, she has adjusted pretty well and is find her way around the house without being able to see.
she spends most of her time curled up on our bed with her collection of old envelopes, yes, that’s right,her favorite toys are envelopes!  She loves the sound they make and rubs her cheek on the corners.  her other favorite spot is one of our underwear drawers, or what used t be our underwear drawer! she moved in over a year ago and won’t give it up.  when we come home from work each day she’ll cry and cry for attention.
once she’s got our attention she hops straight into her drawer for chin and belly rubs.  she has the deepest, loudest purr.
we love our Patch to pieces and even though she’s an oldster she’s still our baby!



ahhh the kitten season is upon us!!  a friend took in a stray awhile ago-he does and has always liked cats- but had know idea that the reason she was “putting on weight” was because miss kitty had gone and gotten knocked up!  apparently last night kitty began crying and showing distress. he thought she was “having a heart attack or something” when the first of four kittens popped out! lol

not having a clue about kittens, he posted this pic online looking for homes for them.  he had no idea that they needed to wait until they were 8 weeks old.  i told him about the 8 weeks, but he said he couldn’t watch them for 8 weeks cause he works, and i then told him mama kitty will handle it just make sure to provide her n the babies with a safe warm place, lots of food water and a litterbox and to make sure NOT to let her go out until after the kittens are 8 weeks and she’s been spayed.

the friend was in an absolute panic but got him settled down and being proactive and wanting to get ahead of the wave of kitten season, these babies are already being advertised in order to get the word out and to get homes pre-vetted so once they’re 8 weeks, homes are found already found and new families can just pick up kittens.  we are also hoping to have them spayed/neutered before they go to their new forever homes.

it also looks like we may already have found a home for one!!  yeah!!  and my friend has fully recovered from his panicked state of mind!  men!  ..*sigh

Meet Senior Kitties Pump and Marmalade!




meet Pumpkin and Marmalade, ages 15 & 16!!  (WOW!)  lemme just say i hope i look that good when i’m their age! lol

this is what their mom had to say about them:

i adopted Pumpkin from the humane society when she was around 2 back in November of 2000. her and Marmalade have never gotten along much but they all loved their brother Whiskers, who passed away 5 yrs ago. she’s definitely my dad’s cat and loves him more than anything. i got Marmalade in the summer of ’97 when I was 9. she was a tiny sickly kitty in a box of free kittens. she’s my best friend and my soul mate. she’s constantly purring and always wants love (and food).

Marmalade with her mom

Marmalade with her mom

mom is miss christina hampton. and she dotes on her baby who is the oldest of the two kitties.



christina also adds:

Pumpkin likes to lick plastic bags, and around 5 or 6 in the morning she goes nuts and starts running up and down the hall and meowing. She also loves milk.




Marmalade loves her belly rubbed and is obsessed with corn husks and tortilla chips. she also drinks her water with her paw, and loves playing in her water dish too.

i’m betting Marmalade loves naps too with that yawn she’s workin’!

i’d like to thank you miss christina for sharing your to beautiful kittes with us!!  it appears to us they couldn’t be happier in their senior years!!





i think i have finally found the one toy that will get Emily and Charlotte to play and allow me to take pictures of them while they are playing.  these little mice toys have rattles in them, and they just can’t seem to resist!!  they just can’t seem to help themselves.  the both of them,( usually it’s mostly Emily), go completely bonkers over the thing!!  usually they won’t show a whole lot of response to a toy if i’m in the room, unless they think i’m asleep, and if i have a camera with me, forget it!!  without me in the room, there’s even thuds, noises and banging, but enter the room, and all is silent….

i swear they even have a conversation about it when i go into the room.
WP_20131206_004Charlotte:  put the toy down Emily.  mom’s here!!

Emily:  she is?!! OK!

Charlotte:  she’s got that dang flashing thing again that she puts in our face

Emily:  that thing is so obnoxious!

Charlotte:  quick!  take naps!!

…and i’m left frustrated and without accomplishing the mission.

with the zanies tho, i imagine it’s only time!!  I can just hear them….

Charlotte:  Emily quit playing with that…that fantastic green mouse!  she’s gonna go get that thing!! you’re getting out of control!

Emily:  but i just…i just can’t help myself!! it’s so  FUN!!  the noise it makes…i just can’t help myself!

Charlotte:  but she can see your enjoyment!! it’s only a matter of time before…..dang…..i can’t help myself.  i LOVE THIS TOY!!

Emily:  make it fly!  i’ll catch it!!

Charlotte:  but she’s watching us…but i just can’t help myself!  i HAVE to get it!!

Emily:  not if i get it first!!

yes.  it is only a matter a time before i have evidence!! hopefully a video even.

and zanies?  product tested and approved by ALL! lol