See You At ‘The Bridge’

it seems this last year we suffered quite a few losses in the loved animals and animal rescue world.  most notably animal rescuer Diana Ketcham who i posted a previous tribute too.    (you can find it here )

it would seem that the new years is starting out on a sad note as well.  i just learned of the passing of Colonel Meow, and this followed so recently by Tc Persian as well.  these two boys were HUGE personalities, for me anyways, in the famed cat and cat lovers arena.  their faces alone tremendous entertainment in and of themselves.  i am truly heartbroken to hear of their passing, and know that the what’s on the other side is only made better now by there presence.

colonelmeowColonel Meow

TC Persian

TC Persian

their personalities remind me of my own boy i lost just January of last year, Eli, who was also the mascot of Planet Kitty.  i think he would have liked both the Colonel and Tc.  I can imagine them now on the other side, sitting all together around a table, smoking catnip cigars, playing kitty poker and sharing tales of their many adventures with one another.



i’m sure there are also many others out there who feel the same about these two very special kitties.  good bye boys!  we will most certainly cherish the memories!!  and may those memories bring comfort to your families.  nemaste!

3 thoughts on “See You At ‘The Bridge’

  1. ” What a lovely post……….thank you so much……………I am touched by the absolute outpouring of love and tributes for my handsome TC Pesian……………I put him on the internet several years ago to start a “Giggling Revolution” in order for others to just stop fora moment in their day, and find something to smile about…….never did I dream that it would have snowballed into he worldwide Giggling Legacy that he has left behind…………remember………..if you hear a giggle somewhere today, it will be TC Persian up there, smiling at you………♥♥♥♥….Barb Blair “

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